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Asp.Net vs Php

ASP.NET vs. PHP!! Which is Better?

Web developers can choose from a variety of programming languages, but then the market is dominated by two competing language giants – ASP.NET and PHP. Either language can be used for completing any project, but each has its distinct pros and cons. The dilemma lies in deciding which one should be chosen to cater to your web developing needs.

ASP.NET is flexible and object-oriented, deriving its name from Microsoft’s ASP technology. The new .NET Framework and CLR provides a seamless interface with other programming languages like C# and Visual Basic.NET. This means you can change the programming language of a project midway without having to rewrite everything. Moreover, multiple developers can work on the same project with other languages.

The library of ASP.NET is task based. Being organized into inheritable classes that are associated with a given task like image editing or XML, developers can save time on the ordinary development tasks. Visual Studio.NET saves the developers’ time if installed on a computer that allows the program to function optimally. It is also furnished with inbuilt debugging functions. Incorporating IntelliSense, this auto-completion feature eliminates the need for developers to learn the methods and variables.

However, ASP.NET and Visual Studio are expensive and resource intensive. Most applications operate on IIS. Moreover, the language uses more web server resources than PHP or other languages which call for better and more servers. IIS and Windows contain a documented record of vulnerabilities and bugs being prone to exploitation.

PHP is secure and relatively inexpensive, working by teaming up with HTML for displaying the dynamic elements on the web page. What is most notable is that it is commonly included as the P in LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. They are scalable, secure and budget-centric web applications.

PHP is extremely flexible and adaptable. It can be used in various contexts as it is available in more operating systems than ASP.NET. It also operates on most popular web servers and can be used with a plethora of associated database management systems. Due to its functionality and flexibility, the Internet installation base of PHP is extensive. Over 18 million internet domains are hosted by PHP backed servers.

However, PHP can only parse code within its delimiters, and if anything is beyond it, it is sent directly to the output. There is also no name spacing which can lead to class naming issues. Moreover, the variables are not really considered to have a type, with loose type checking. This can lead to problems. Despite the quality of the inexpensive and free software, a few big corporations feel that the price is not worth it.

The Verdict
Both PHP and ASP.NET have their advantages and disadvantages. PHP is secure, reliable, fast and inexpensive. ASP.NET is easy to use and maintain due to its class library system. As both of the programming languages can essentially achieve the same things, the choice really boils down to what a company looks for in terms of price, security, reliability and speed.
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