The digital arena records a developing rate of web applications being run on smart devices on an international level. A total number of 4.68 billion users have been recorded to access the Internet through mobiles in 2019. This figure is reflective of the significance of mobile web apps in the overall digital transformation.

Regular mobile applications assist the businesses in engaging with the clients in a better way. The only problem is that creating a good app is a costly, lengthy and complicated process. As a solution, a progressive web application is a method of building apps in an easy and affordable manner. It is capable of providing all that a native app does. Progressive apps are one of the top web development trends you should know about-2019.

This is why the demand for progressive web apps is growing. Let’s understand more about them.


The idea of PWAs was proposed by Google in the year 2015. Progressive applications are mobile-friendly apps that are made to offer an experience similar to that of a normal web app. They can be used as regular websites but they provide the advantages of mobile applications. Three of the best advantages of these apps are:

  1. They load quickly from the home screen of a user irrespective of however the network may be. Therefore, they are highly reliable.
  2. They are fast with performance and user-friendliness. They facilitate better interactions with users.
  3. They are engaging because they offer native web app experience without any need of app store.

Simply put, PWA is like a website that is made with web technologies but it acts as a regular native web app. They can be created quickly; they are better than native apps and they function on all types of mobiles. Additionally, it is possible to work offline and send constant prompts or notifications with these applications.

The inclusion of PWA with the mobile as an application is quite an easy process. One just needs to go to a website and click on the prompt of “add to the home screen”.

A user constantly wants to build a relationship with the web apps and PWA makes this possible easily. Moreover, with the help of service workers, these apps load quickly and offer a great full-screen experience.

Initially, Apple did not come in full support of these apps. However, with the benefits and popularity, the use of these apps is being encouraged by the company on a full scale now.


characteristics of pwa

There has been a decent amount of prevalence of progressive web applications. Prominently known to upgrade the user experience, these apps should be a mix of a mobile and website application. Notwithstanding ensuring new clients, it likewise helps in retaining them for quite a while.

The progress of web applications has turned out to be possible with the help of PWAs. It may very well be claimed as that icon on your gadget which will guide you to a site. You can stick these applications on your screen and use them whenever you need them.

The reason why the demand for progressive web apps is growing is that they work on all systems and browsers. Furthermore, they are built with a responsive design and fit on every screen. All in all, they offer great user experience and are extremely engaging.

Google has given a detailed list of progressive web apps checklist. However, some of the most important characteristics are mentioned below for a quick understanding.

A list of some of the important characteristics a PWA must have:


    These apps work in any browser as they are created with the main feature of progressive development. They are designed for all types of users.


    The use of service workers in PWAs allows functionality in offline or poor quality network mode.


    These apps are highly receptive in nature as they fit in any form like desktop computers, mobiles or other smart devices.


    There is a simple installation process involved. These apps allow the users to keep preferred apps on the home screen without any need of going to an app store.


    They always comply with the latest updates because of the ability of the service worker updates.


    These apps are delivered over HTTPS to make sure content is safe and secure at all times.


    These apps feel just like a native app to the users because of similar interactions and behavior.


    They are easily identified as web applications because of service workers and manifest files which enable the easy discovery of search engines.


    They are highly interesting because of characteristics like push notifications.


    They can be shared very easily with the help of a URL.


features of pwa

With the number of benefits, progressive apps offer, working with them can be really exciting for the developers. A combination of service workers with the front end code provides offline content, enable easy updating and send constant prompts to the user’s sites.

Service workers are scripts that are run in the background different from the website. They offer caching benefits for progressive applications. A combination of HTML code and CSS offer the app shell which gets cached on the mobiles. This app shell gets loaded with the content from the cache of from the server.

This signifies quick loading speed of the website and no waiting period. With a great number of users leaving the site, this can have a significant implication on retaining users and lead conversion.


pwa trendsThere has been a growing usage of smart handheld devices to use the Internet. Therefore, industry leaders like Google have majorly attempted to improve the mobile user’s experience. It gives great importance to the mobile optimization and mobile responsiveness of any website in terms of indexing.

The introduction of mobile-first indexing method by search engines has become the reason for the development of mobile receptive websites. These websites are further optimized for the mobiles so they can offer user-friendliness.

Although a good responsive website provides good user experience, it stops functioning when a user is offline. This is exactly where a progressive web application comes off as a better version of a mobile responsive website. PWAs are meant for functioning as those applications which can be accessed offline with the advantages offered by native applications.

This reason and many others like the use of service workers make PWA better than the normal websites. Therefore, a greater number of companies prefer building these applications to offer better value to users.


when to use pwa

The digital revolution is significantly determined by mobile applications. They are very easy to use and offer a large group of advantages to the clients that regular sites can’t. Truth be told, all organizations have understood the significance of creating mobile apps to grow their reach and upgrade their overall value.

Be that as it may, this isn’t the end as mobile applications are difficult to create. As a solution, PWAs win over the mobile applications in every way. Let’s understand how:


Creating a mobile application means development for iOS and Android. This becomes the reason for increasing the total cost of development and the overall time consumed.

A progressive web app development means developing just for the web application. Therefore, in the ever competitive business avenue, these apps offer great advantages as they help in cutting the costs. The overall input costs get much reduced in the development of a PWA.


A native mobile application takes a large amount of memory space in mobiles. This is majorly because a native mobile app needs a host of different programs to perform in a good manner.

Users are restricted to install only a few mobile applications because of limited memory requirements. In contrast to this, a progressive web application takes up only a little amount of space on the mobile. After getting installed, it functions very effectively. This is due to the fact that progressive applications need only little cached files to run on mobile.


Updating in mobile is time-consuming and takes up a good amount of memory space. As opposed to this, progressive applications get stored in the server as the phone accesses them with a link.

The first visit to the website will help in experiencing all the benefits of PWA. If a user has access to your website then they can easily find your web apps. Attracting users in the direction of progressive applications is much simpler as compared to native apps.

Also, users spend more time on the web rather than the app store. This is a strong reason why PWAs are successful. With the help of PWA, users can get an app-like experience without putting in any extra efforts. Therefore, businesses must make their web app a PWA and give the users a good quality experience.


The eventual future of the mobile web is progressive web applications and its need is growing quickly. Developers must study the make your own app to start with the process.

This is an ideal time for businesses to build these apps. It will help in developing the rate of conversions through engaging user experience.


Why it is important to use AMPs in 2019?

Mobile pages are an extremely important part of browsing. They have been overtaking desktop  computers when it comes to popularity and usage. Although, this change has been pretty eventual but it is a big sign of mobile usage growth. According to Statista, the total number of mobile phone users is almost 4.68 billion in 2019.

The team of Google created a project called the  AMP project which helps in optimizing the websites for the purpose of mobile browsing. As the best search engine, this was Google’s attempt to help websites grow in terms of popularity. The aim was to help comply with the growing trend of mobile usage and generate profits accordingly.

Accelerated Mobile Pages utilize a particular type of HTML framework to optimize the web pages. This creates a much faster and efficient user experience.  A large team of developers came together to combine content management systems and browsers. This makes it possible for companies to adapt their websites on mobiles.

There are many reasons for the growth of AMPs. They load much faster and provide a distraction from all the desktop clutter. They also improve the click-through rate for better profits. Additionally, Google amp pages offer an increase in the number of leads and their conversions.

After detailed research, we have listed some of the reasons why AMPs are important. Let’s have a look at why you should embrace accelerated mobile pages in 2019:

better loading time


The first and most important factor behind why you should embrace accelerated mobile pages in 2019 is the speed.  This is the thing that differentiates Google AMP from web pages. The project was founded on the idea that the pages should load faster. This was to cater to the needs of customers who want the mobile pages accessible to them right away.

The programming of AMPs is done in a way that focuses on promoting efficiency. These pages load at least four times faster as compared to the normal web pages. Web design can be altered by reducing explicit detailing for the implementation of accelerated mobile pages. This helps in improving the loading time.

Companies must evaluate the decision of changing their websites in a manner that it promotes better loading time. In present times, quick access is valued more when it comes to users. Therefore, the focus should be to make Google accelerated mobile pages user oriented.

speed up the website


AMPs are the most flexible and performance-oriented in terms of improving the mobile website performance. They are made with the goal of helping mobile users get easy access to the content. Accessing an optimized style sheet becomes easy with the use of AMPs.

Options like progressive web apps and responsive web design have many advantages. However, the importance of AMPs shines much better. This is because they increase the performance of web pages and any content associated with them gets a better ranking from Google.

Google supports the content associated with accelerated mobile pages which further helps in increasing the speed of content delivery.

lower bounce rate


Based on research done by Google, mobile users want a quicker loading time. This is the only reason why they are willing to stay on the page.

The loading time of three seconds has a bounce rate of around 30%. If that time is increased up to five seconds then the bounce rate reaches as much as 90%. If by chance, it goes beyond five seconds then this rate reaches 100%.

This data reveals that AMP SEO is important for the pages to stay in the game and ahead of the competition. In fact, mobile-friendly websites can be the primary reason for making a business successful in the online world.

If they load almost instantly then AMPs can be one of the most differentiating factors for setting your company apart. Companies should always be on the lookout for stacking up new industry benchmarks for making the mobile pages robust.

easy google analytics


Any efforts towards growing and optimizing the pages can only be beneficial if the performance is tracked. The content and response of the audience must be analyzed on the basis of key performance indicators.

Google offers ease of tracking the performance of AMP mobile content. This is a good reason why content marketers and content publishers should implement AMP technology. It is now possible to set up AMP in Google Analytics to examine the total number of page visits, bounce rates, click rate, etc.

Although there are many ways of analyzing the content. However, Google offers an easy way of tracking the AMP pages content. It helps in knowing the page visits, click rate, bounce rate, and type of content that attracts more traffic. This further helps the content marketers to publish content that attracts more conversions.

ad display amp


A very good benefit of having the accelerated mobile pages is that they have a clear format for ad placement. In addition to ensuring that content loads up quickly, AMPs also ensure that ads get loaded quickly.

Advertisements that are placed in the content are the primary source of profit for the content marketers. With the help of AMPs, any extra elements are cleared away thereby making the ads dominant and attracting more clicks.

This leads to using the ads properly for profits. Further, the businesses are able to generate more revenue and succeed better with its implementation.

amp for emails


Google has launched AMP for emails recently. This step is very important in making the emails much more engaging for the users. In the earlier times, only one CTA was allowed to carry out the task of directing the user to the link.

With the introduction of AMPs, it has now become much easier to interact and carry out different functions on the email. Users can now get more information, browse more, reply to the comments via emails. etc. With this advancement, the prevalence of AMP has increased even more.

The usage of AMP has become all the more important for business owners. They are now ready to take assistance from professional AMP service providers. This helps generate an interactive and targeted email experience for the users.

seo for amp


Efficiency, speed, and performance are important factors when it comes to retaining the visitors. So as to drive traffic to the websites, search engine optimization plays a huge role. Google prefers AMP associated web pages because they are more SEO friendly. They are given high importance in SERP rankings for all devices.

The rise of AMPs relies heavily on the growing mobile usage trends. Google gives a lot of importance to the AMP project. In the year 2018, Google came up with a method called mobile first indexing. This was created to let the users know about how user friendly their websites are for mobile navigation.

All this, further means that regular SEO practices are not enough when it comes to digital marketing. It is important to make your website mobile friendly as well. It must be optimized with the use of Google frameworks so that the chances of higher ranking increase.

Therefore, AMP SEO will bring more organic search results on the website. Additionally, it will also reduce the bounce rate and create more impressions.

better user experience


A good number of searches on the internet are carried out through mobile devices. This is why it is critical to enhancing the search features on the search engine results page for mobile devices.  AMPs are used to do the same.

These pages are created to make sure that the content doesn’t get blocked by any ads. Users like this because they don’t see unnecessary ads that reduce the loading time. Even content publishers get benefited from this.


AMPs were introduced in the year 2015. They experienced a sort of slowdown in the year 2017. However, in 2019, AMP has come up with new benefits like AMP Plugins, AMP for emails, etc. These advantages make the usage of this framework even more popular with the developers and content creators.

The best way to describe AMPs is a solid foundation for web experiences in the future. The future looks promising and advanced with this technology.

They help in quick access. Moreover, they also help in content uploading at a much better speed, in an advanced and user friendly manner. To put it simply, they create a better user experience.

In case the developers want to ensure a smooth user experience on all types of devices then embracing AMPs is necessary.

Is Laravel the Best PHP Framework For Web Development?


Laravel framework is #1 PHP framework. It is an inclusive framework which uses MVC architecture (Model, View, and Controller). It is responsible for maintaining the business logic and maintaining application data with the proper user interface and handling user requests.

At present, it is the most preferred PHP framework with a big community of developers and features a number of packages such as lightweight Blade templating engine, Object Relational Mapping (ORM), Representational State Transfer (RESTful), a packaging system, controllers, etc.

It also features queue management that handles tasks in the background and then logs all the activities during smooth frontend tasks. It is soon to introduce a routing package also.  (For any update like this follow our facebook page)

Not only this, Laravel also handles NoSQL structures such as Redis or MongoDB. Recently, it came out with an administration panel design- Nova. This feature would definitely facilitate the software developers who want to be more innovative and more productive.

It also easily integrates with Elixir (other functional languages) and Gulp (open source javascript toolkit) so that any bower (package manager) and npm (node .js packages) can be called through ssh (secure shell) directly.

What Features Makes Laravel an Outstanding PHP Framework?

  1. Artisan Console

You might have heard of a Command Line Interface (CLI). It is basically an interface through which developers interact with frameworks and also with other software.

It is different in the case of Laravel as it has its own interface: the Artisan Console. This console helps to simplify and perform redundant-complex tasks so that the developers don’t have to write the code over again. Besides, Laravel has built-in commands that ease out development process for developers.

2. Delivers Quality Apps Faster

The USP of the Laravel framework is its speed. With other great features like integrated testing support and amazing APIs, the MVC architecture helps you get quality apps that too developed before the deadline.

Laravel offers API HTTP testing, console tests, file upload testing, JSON API testing the Laravel Dusk browser testing and automation API.

3. Easy Database Management with Migrations

Laravel handles the database migration in such a streamlined way that it makes it one of the prominent frameworks of PHP. These migrations act like a version control for your database which would allow the developer team to modify and Laravel’s migration begins with an Artisan command and every migration is time-stamped to simplify and solve the version control issues.

It also supports the previous version restoration which can allow you to create the entire database with only one command.

4. Simplified Frontend Development with Vue.js

Vue.js is an open-source framework of JavaScript used for developing user interfaces and single-page apps. Laravel accumulates in the JavaScript UI framework Vue.js.

This framework is event-driven and mostly preferred because of its speed and performance. Laravel and Vue.js together can be used for developing complex web apps. Hence, these both in combination are used for real-time and fast applications.

The template engine of Laravel- Blade, helps in providing the lightweight front-end templates with CSS, text, and images.

The lightweight front ends or apps are preferably better because it decreases the size of the app’s code which makes it more manageable.

5. Slick and Simple  MVC Design

Laravel follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) programming model, which makes it even more helpful to developers. Although, MVC architecture is generally used within the backend frameworks along with other PHP frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter.

6. Robust Security Features

Security is a major concern in the web development aspect. And, with Laravel, you are offered easy yet top-notch authentication/authorization,  OpenSSL (built-in encryption) email verification and hashing.

Another Laravel’s great feature of acting as an intermediary.

Laravel acts as an intermediary system to block the undesirable front-end requests to the server and reduces the chances of website hacking through code injection.

7. Built-in Libraries to Reduce the Code Blocks

Laravel is the best and the most preferred PHP framework for so many reasons and one of them is ‘simpler code blocks.’

The soul of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)- simplifying the complex code blocks when combined with Laravel libraries covers everything from authentication to hashing password algorithms.

The reusable code makes the app modular and perfectly partners with UI libraries such as Vue to develop API-driven single-page apps

8. Integration with Third Party Apps

Socialite package of Laravel makes it easy for the developers to implement Open Authorization (OAuth) from other platform providers like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google,  Bitbucket, and GitHub.

7 World Renowned Apps Built with Laravel


You will be shocked to know that fantasy football is a very engaging game for over 30 million people in Canada and in the USA. Toyota and Yahoo together decided to bring these fantasy footballers to the hall of fame. Hence, the platform is called TOYOTAHALLOFFAME.COM. And,  such a big platform is developed in the Laravel PHP framework.


Another big American Laravel-based web application- RV.CAMPINGWORLD.COM. It deals with Camping World of American Corporation and masters in the service, selling parts for recreational vehicles, and camping supplies.

This website aids users in buying or selling recreational vehicles online. It also handles the requests for services such as repair, diagnostic, maintenance, collision, warranty, and even installation.


Other big data collection Laravel based website- GLOBALDIETARYDATABASE.ORG is developed for the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. It was advocated by the famous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Since then, it has attracted a lot of attention from the media. This project aims at collecting the diet and nutrition data from several hundred government academic institutions, health ministries, and NGOs all around the globe.

This is a great initiative for establishing correlations between health and diets outcomes when compared the data with disease databases.

The best part about this app is that web app tracks and maintains the status of all data and communications automatically.


Laravel has not spared any aspect with which is not capable of creating the web app. This official EXPLOREGEORGIA.ORG, Laravel-based website used for American state- Georgia tourism.

This engaging website makes use of practical planning tools which helps in motivating the travelers to plan a trip to Georgia.

Georgia Trip Planner provides the potential visitors a way to plan their dream vacation.

The website offers greater exposure for the state tourism industry partners. Surprisingly, more than 16,000 Georgia restaurants are searched for location, food or type of establishment.


A complex corporate Laravel-based web app- CEENTA.COM is a Medical Group of the USA. Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates (CEENTA) is situated in North Carolina.

It is the region’s primary care provider of eyes, ears, nose, and throat (EENT) for adults for more than 90 years. Along with otolaryngology and ophthalmology, their services include allergy, audiology, clinical research, on-site surgical facilities, contact lenses, sleep pills, facial plastic surgery, and full-service optical shops.


RATEMYAPPRENTICESHIP.CO.UK is a UK Company RMP Enterprise based in Westminster.

It is a web application built with Laravel, which aims at providing young people with relevant information about School Leaver Programmes, Apprenticeships and other relevant opportunities such as Sponsored Degree Programmes, Traineeships, Gap Year Programmes, and work experience.

An apprenticeship is a mixture of on-the-job and off-the-job training. During this training period, a particular skill set is taught which can be useful in future jobs.

In addition to education and training, this training period is rewarded with the work experience and of course with an income.


Another major app of an American watch company ‘Invicta Watch Group’ developed in Laravel framework is INVICTAWATCH.COM. This company was founded in 1837 in Switzerland. The website has all the e-commerce features i.e. online catalog of products with images, and descriptions.


While it is totally dependent on you and your developer to choose the technology for your web app, still the Laravel is the best PHP framework.

And, considering the above best features, a developer should prefer Laravel framework. In case, you are looking out for apps developed in Laravel then, Orion eSolutions is a great IT service provider. Check out its services.




.NET framework is said to be a software that was developed by Microsoft for building, deploying and running applications and services that use .NET technologies, such as desktop applications and Web services.

The first version which is .NET framework 1.0 was released on 13th February 2002 for Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP. The software provides a controlled and directed programming environment where software can be developed, installed and executed on windows based operating systems.

It is pronounced as – dot-net– If you are reading this article then you probably came across it on your quest to know more about the subject matter. The truth is there are many things you need to know to be able to explore the software maximally.

However, I will just give us a rundown of some facts we shouldn’t miss to get the right spark towards using the .NET Framework. So here are ten things you really need to know about it.

.NET is made up of ?

Common Language Run time (CLR)

This allows programs developed in the .NET to exhibit common behaviors in memory usage- It is also the execution engine that handles running apps.

.NET Framework Class Library (also known as Base Class Library)

This contains tested, reusable codes that are used by programmers to avoid rewriting of codes. It is closely integrated with the Common Language Runtime and is object oriented, providing types from which your own managed code derives functionality.


This is a language independent, open-source, server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was also developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications, and web services.

This platform was first released in January 2002 alongside version 1.0 of the .NET Framework and is the successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages(ASP) technology.

The Web applications developed in ASP.NET are as secure as the confirmation of Windows and its configuration can be attained for every application. It is established on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), allowing programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language.

Is Dot Net an Environment?

Yes, it is an environment that permits about 60 different programming languages both developed by Microsoft (C#.NET, VB.NET, C++.NET, J#.NET, F#.NET, JSCRIPT.NET, WINDOWS POWERSHELL, IRON RUBY, IRON PYTHON, C OMEGA, ASML-Abstract State Machine Language) and other companies such as PHP to cooperate effortlessly to create Windows-based applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy, and integrate with other frameworks.

 The programs that are written for .NET Framework are executed in a software environment (compared to a hardware environment) named Common Language Runtime(CLR), an application virtual machine that provides services such as security, memory management, and exception handling. Therefore,  computer codes that are written by the use of .NET Framework are called “managed codes”. FCL and CLR together constitute the .NET Framework.

Is .NET Secure?

It provides you with immediate security benefits through its managed runtime. A collection of services prevent critical issues like bad pointer manipulation or attempts to alter compiled code. Microsoft takes security seriously and releases update whenever a threat is found.

.NET framework has its own security mechanism which has two major features:

  • Code Access Security (CAS): It is dependent on evidence that is associated with a specific assembly, the evidence is usually the source of the assembly and it makes use of evidence to determine the permissions granted to the code.
  • Validation and Verification: This is the backbone of .NET security. The loaded assembly allows the CLR to perform various tests. Two such tests are validation and verification. During validation, the CLR checks that the assembly contains valid metadata and CIL, and it checks that the internal tables are correct. Verification is not so exact. The mechanism of verification checks to ensure that the code does nothing that is ‘unsafe’. The algorithm that is used is conservative and so sometimes code that is ‘safe’ is not verified.
  • The performance of the software framework is seen when an application is first launched, the .NET Framework compiles the CIL code into executable code using its just-in-time compiler, and caches the executable program into the .NET Native Image Cache Due to caching, the application launches faster for subsequent launches, although the first launch is usually slower. To increase the speed of the first launch, developers may use the Native Image Generator utility to manually ahead-of-time compile and cache any .NET application.
  • The garbage collector, integrated into the environment, can introduce unanticipated delays of execution over which the developer has little control directly. The number of objects that the garbage collector needs to work with can become very large in large applications, which means it can take a very long time to visit and rearrange all of them.

What are the Memory Management Fundamentals in .NET?


Indeed Memory management is of utmost importance in such software. The CLR frees the developer from the burden of managing memory (allocating and freeing up when done); it handles memory management itself by detecting when memory can be safely freed.

As long as there is a reference to an object, which may be direct, or through a graph of objects, the object is considered to be in use. When no reference to an object exists, and it cannot be reached or used, it becomes garbage, eligible for collection .NET Framework includes a garbage collector (GC) which runs periodically, on a different thread from the application’s thread, which enumerates all the unusable objects and reclaims the memory assigned to them.

It is a non-deterministic, compacting, mark-and-sweep garbage collector. The latest version of the .NET framework uses a concurrent garbage collection with user code, making pauses unnoticeable because it is done in the background. The garbage collector that is used by the software is generational.

What are the system requirements to install .NET Framework?

It is necessary to know the installation requirements after seeing the great benefits of the .NET framework. The .NET Framework requires administrator privileges for installation. If you don’t have administrator rights to the computer, then you have to contact your network administrator.

There are many other requirements that are needed to be in place to get the software running but the good thing is it runs on windows.

Can we use .NET Framework to develop Mobile Application?

Source: Google

It can be used to create windows mobile apps. You can create rich native apps using .NET across iOS, Android & Windows. Share code across device platforms with .NET Standard. Share UI with Xamarin.Forms and XAML for maximum code reuse. It makes it easier and faster for these mobile applications to be created by developers.

It makes use of modern language constructs like generics, Language Integrated Query, and asynchronous programming which makes developers productive. With 100% of the native APIs exposed, you have full access to device capabilities.

What are the Job Opportunities in .NET?

There are lots of job opportunities as there is a high demand for experts in different software companies due to the huge relevance of the .NET  Framework. .NET developers are always in demand especially in an I.T growing nation like India.

Is .NET different from ASP.NET?

.NET Framework is different from ASP.NET, while the former is a framework that can be used to develop web applications as a complete package, the latter is a part of  .NET Framework that is used to create dynamic web applications and services in any NET language. They should not be confused.

With .NET, you can target any application type running on any platform. You can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for the web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT. Developers can reuse code and skills across all of them in a familiar environment. It is really fast which makes the applications provide better response times and requires less compute power. It is faster than any other popular framework.