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A Definitive Guide to MVC Architecture

MVC architecture is a very familiar term in the web development aspect. And, if you work in web dev

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Top 10 PHP Frameworks to Adopt for Web Development in 2019

A framework is basically a conceptual structure that aims to serve as a  guide for the develop

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Case Study: ReelTrail

Today, retail companies are paying attention to modern buy and sell methods to take their b

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Guide to DevOps: Phases, Tools, Uses, and Principles

DevOps is the most buzzed word in the IT industry! But, if you are considering DevOps as software,

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.NET Application Development: Myths and Benefits

.NET is the worl-famous and the easiest app development framework which is not only widely used for

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.NET: The Best Framework for Enterprise App Development

With the tenacious competition in the business industry, the tendency to deliver the best has becom

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