Case Study: Idealhelpers

Singapore is a global financial center that hosts a multicultural population.

Its progressive tax services regime, fascinating immigration laws, and immense job prospects along with other positive factors encourage people from across the globe to make this island nation as their favorite working destination.

When it comes to relocation to Singapore to work, individuals have to obtain a right kind of Singapore work visa either in the form of employment pass, entrepreneur pass, personalized employment pass (PEP), and many more.

A home to multi-cultural races and the workforces constitute Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races. Singapore has made unity and diversity the prominent features of its workforce.

This is all fine when you have a job there but what if people living there lose their jobs. It is never easy to find a new job in another country. It is the same in the case of native people also. Those shattered hearts need some hope and a helping hand to give support to them in those hard times. Especially in the case of caregivers, helpers, caregivers, and au pairs!

So, let us dive into the detailed insights of how it helped caregivers in Singapore to find a job and needy families a caregiver.

The Problem:

The real problem is not finding a job but the amount of effort, hard work, time, and money it requires- is exhausting.

Especially for the caregivers, who seek a job or the families who are in need of a helper, caregiver or an au pair.

Being a caregiver is like being a lone ranger. Research shows that caregivers manage better if they feel confident about handling the daily hassles of caregiving. A study by the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 that drew from the experiences of 91 caregiving families shows that caregivers with a greater sense of self-efficacy (the belief that you can handle a situation) were less likely to be depressed.

Already, they face so much trouble and hence finding a job should not be a problem for them.

The Solution:

Online recruitment act as an integral component of the employment procedure. Thousands of employers and employees get benefited by convenient and organized job portals.

So with the ideology – “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others,” came forward to help the unemployed people and the employers looking for job seekers for free.

It is a business unit of Match Resources Pte Ltd. which is a secure and easy-to-use online portal that provides a free service to employers, helpers, caregivers, and au pairs.


Technology Used:

It is developed with the best PHP framework- Laravel. It is best because of its amazing features:

· Rapid App development

· Unit testing

· MVC architecture

· Payment integration with stripe

· High-level abstraction

· Overloading capabilities with dynamic methods

· Strong encryption packages

· ORM (Object Relational Management)

Orion eSolutions was so happy to be a part of such a helpful portal.

The Benefits


Idealhelpers knows the real meaning of this statement ‘No one has ever become poor by giving.’

Hence, they provide help for free of cost to job seekers and employers.

Having this online platform helped their team to:

  • Helped out a wider audience for free
  • Offered an option to choose caregivers on the basis of the nation too.
  • Find the right candidate for the right job.
  • Accessible 24 hours, anywhere and everywhere.
  • People from all over the world can apply.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Save time on connecting with the candidates.
  • Probability of “by chance” view is reduced.
  • Filtration of candidates made easy with online portals.


Client Testimonial

I am here to share a note that you guys did a brilliant job! My website – Idealhelpers, functions perfectly fine and as per expectations. I feel so great to have worked with you. Looking forward to more business endeavors in the future!

Case Study: Design-Deli

design-deli case study

Undoubtedly, furniture is the most important thing needed for the space designing of a new home or a workplace. The good furniture can change the whole outlook of any space, be it a home or an office.

Considering the fact that furniture makes an empty house or office, a perfect and lively space to live or work in,  the significance of a good furniture set is always highly rated.

According to a survey conducted on the market competition, it was found that the local retailers were having different strengths but surprisingly, they all have the same effective presence in the eCommerce world.

Although it was also noticed that some crossovers were carried out competitively in the furniture brands.

And, in this striving and vying business world, DesignDeli lacked nothing in that aspect.

DesignDeli brings out the new concept of customizing the design and buying the incredibly exotic furniture. They sell the total design package at one-stop store which includes exotic looking furniture, tool-racks, lightbulbs, whiteboards and other related stuff.


The Challenge:

DesignDeli’s furniture store is based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2006, it is ruling the world of furniture with its fascinating handcrafted furniture, racks and other stuff with customization option available.

But, before their internet presence, it was really hard for Design-Deli to reach out to the customers.

Although they could reach the nearby market, they were not able to extend their global reach.

So, one day, the owner of the company just casually visited the office of Andreas Stadler (a famous Austrian writer/politician/scientist) and saw the beautiful rust artwork on his furniture. That day, he decided to adopt that design pattern on his furniture and thought to ake it available to the world.

He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy because customizing furniture on the basis of online requests was a complex idea. But, he was persistent with that he is going to make this happen.

So, they decided to grasp their online presence with the name DesignDeli.


The Solution:


The owner  wanted to build a website with this customizing solution for the furniture manufacturing. Even the owner himself explain the whole rust artwork in detail.

He provided a list of what is needed for such a work of art, which is mentioned below:

• Citric acid

• Salt (e.g. iodine)

• Spray bottle

• Steel sheets

• Respiratory mask

When we heard the concept, we found it extremely fascinating and challenging. We started working on that and used the most famous technology in eCommerce web development- Magento.

At Orion eSolutions, we have a team of professionals who keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and are proficient in delivering the most favorable results.

We then designed the “information architecture” and send it to the client for approval. Then after, the non-functional prototype was made to make the understanding of the development process easy and transparent for both the client and our team. Finally, a fully functional website- Design-Deli was engineered.

The Benefits:


In this technology-driven era, companies and people are on the internet for information and services. People visit a website to find the information they are longing for.

In case, you’re in the business world, information and related services are critical. Hence, you definitely need to have a website for your customers. A website which would contain information about your business and services

Creativity is one of their core competencies because of their design “System 180” and makes them stand out from the rest of the competition. So, now with their online business, they could reach out to the global audience.


Below-mentioned are some of the benefits DesignDeli reaped with their website:

  • Better Advertising of the Products
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Number of Customers All Around the World
  • Better Client-Customer Relationship
  • A Great Opportunity to Prove Their Talent


Client Testimonial

I am here to share a note that you guys did a brilliant job! My website – Design-Deli, functions perfectly fine and as per expectations. I feel so great to have worked with you. Looking forward to more business endeavors in the future!

Case Study: DoctorSpring

Considering the recent world scenario, where we are so busy to even take care of ourselves that it wouldn’t be wrong to call our lives “medicine driven.” Also, in our fast-paced lives, this procrastination can lead to several serious health complications.

So, in order to be cautious about these reckless health care habits, one can make the best use of the internet by visiting medical websites like DoctorSpring. It is an online platform where healthcare seekers can consult professionally licensed physicians online- anywhere, anytime.

This website was developed with the aim of bridging the wide chasm between the doctors and the patients. It is basically a humble attempt to make delivery of health care less complicated and to change the viewpoint of how patients seek medical advice and information since earlier.


The Challenge:


The idea originated with a belief that choosing the best suited local physicians should be faster, easier, without having to wait for appointments and avoiding travel.

And the mission was to help patients in need and cater better medical care timely and through expert opinions from online consultation platform.

Hence, they decided to build an online platform where all the specialized doctors gather and serve humanity.   The services would include the online chat with the experts in the respected aspect, provisional diagnosis, follow-up recommendations for all the major health issues from the common ones to the complex cases which need secondary opinions or multi-specialty consultations.


The Solution:

Realizing the fact that it is really hard to find trustworthy and personalized answers to health questions, they were in a search of the professionals who could develop such a platform for them.

Orion eSolutions really liked the sound of the idea that how all the specialized professionals of their field would together to help humanity just by making use of the internet connection.

Orion eSolutions is a known provider of exceptional IT services. Our team uses the latest technology and software to work on any project.

And, since Dot Net is an exceptional framework for server-side scripting and this framework can be used for developing reliable and reusable enterprise applications.

We made the information architecture of the product and then get it approved.

The non-functional prototype was then made to make the understanding of the development process easy and transparent for both the client and our team.

At last, a fully functional website- DoctorSpring was ready.

The Benefits:

Now, through this website, get detailed and personalized explanations from certified doctors. The motive of these consultations is to understand the medical diagnosis, condition, treatment, and alternatives for future therapeutic considerations.

DoctorSpring services include: helping patients via finding them the best doctors, understand their health better, and make optimum health decisions. We help physicians better serve new and existing patients and enhance their reputation by demonstrating their expertise online.

Here is the list of benefits that they could garner through their website:


  • Specialized doctors gathered at one platform to reach out the needy.
  • Increase in the number of people served.
  • Saved everybody’s time; the help seeker’s and the doctor’s precious time.
  • The patient could get help without having to travel and could also save money.
  • Could serve humanity with free medical advice.
  • 100% Satisfaction; the doctors could timely reach out to the patient hence, the doctor and patient both were satisfied.

Client Testimonial:

Here I am sharing my heartiest thanks to you guys for giving life to our abstract purpose. Undoubtedly, you guys did a brilliant job! DoctorSpring functions as per expectations. It feels so great to have worked with you. Thank you!

Case Study: ReelTrail

Outdoor gear


Today, retail companies are paying attention to modern buy and sell methods to take their businesses beyond brick and mortars. The contemporary outlook of retail is not just to sell, but to serve the customer!

And, the only way to accomplish this motive is to provide high value to the customers through resources like services, information, ideas, and goods.

Following the same perspective of delivering better than everyone else, Reeltrail, online business of outdoor gears was established. For all the outdoor enthusiasts, ReelTrail has brought an amazing concept of ‘saving the world’ with ‘selling outdoor gears.’

Let’s know in detail…how?


The Idea!



The objective of selling online outdoor gears was started with a store located in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a small store where Kirk and Ryan Leaphart along with their father, used to sell outdoor gears over consignments. But as known, in today’s world, not having an online dominion for one’s business, can limit its reach.

So, in order to encompass clients all around the globe, they entered the world of e-commerce.

The Challenges of Not Being a Part of eCommerce



In 2018, Kirk & Ryan Leaphart realized that their business needs a boom in E-commerce. This was the time when they decided to have an online presence for their business. These brothers also knew that the outdoor gear waste harms the environment. So, they wanted a website through which they could not only sell products but could put some efforts to save the environment.

They were facing a number of challenges like:

  1. A barrier to reach the wider audience
  2. Unsatisfactory customer relationship
  3. More expenses in the promotion
  4. Bad discoverability and accessibility
  5. No market expansion

The Approach


ReelTrail contacted Orion eSolutions to develop a solution that allows buying, selling and recycling the outdoor gear at affordable prices. They wanted a website which not only sells outdoor gears but also works with an objective of recycling the old outdoor gears.

We liked the concept and this initiative would make their website unique. The best part was, they wanted to collaborate with the organizations that worked for sustainable development by offering them 1% of every purchase on outdoor gears. Also, they wanted to keep the prices lower than their competitors.

The Solution


We patiently heard the client and understood their objective. After that, we started the process of deep analysis of collecting facts and figures about similar established businesses.

We then designed the “information architecture” and send it to the client for approval. Then after, the non-functional prototype was made to make the understanding of the development process easy and transparent for both the client and our team. Finally, a fully functional website was engineered.


The Impact & Benefits


Reeltrail selling page

The final product was built with so many outdoor gears options on it. The products were divided into many categories and the products were placed under each category accordingly. This whole user-friendly and easy to use web platform is now ready to serve each outdoor enthusiast’s needs and wants.

The benefits offered by ReelTrail’s online business:

  • Increased traffic due to lower prices, compared online.
  • More business transactions because of good online customer reviews.
  • Global audience and customers
  • Great boost to visibility and discoverability.
  • Ascribing to the good online experience, people started visiting their store.
  • (CTA) Call to Action option offering more customer responses.
  • Recycling Outdoor Gear & efforts towards sustainable development concept are loved by every outdoor enthusiast.
  • Mobile compatibility of the website led to an increase in product demand.
  • Meta-data extended online searches.
  • Better customer relationship.



Client’s Opinion:

I am here to quickly share a note and let you know that you guys did a great job! My website – Reeltrail, works absolutely fine and as per expectations. I feel so great to have worked with you! Looking forward to more business endeavors in the future!