The question of choosing in-house development vs. outsourcing has been prevalent in the software market for many years. The reality is that both of these options have significant advantages and choosing either of the two strictly depends upon the kind of business or situations that rule the business.

Hiring a developer is a lot more about the expertise, skill, and passion of the individual or the team rather than other factors. We are not saying that the other factors don’t count but the main thing is to look for a person who has the ability to create something beneficial for a business.

Before you decide which option suits best for you, let us have a look at some factors that are included in each of them to understand the comparison better.



PRICING FACTOR: It goes without saying that the cost of labor is much cheaper overseas. There is no need to spend a hefty sum of money to a local developer when you can get the same or in some cases even better work done for a significantly lesser cost. 

The money that you save can actually be used for many other things that can help in building an interactive and feature-rich application. The pricing factors are considered as one of the best benefits of outsourcing overseas.

If you have the option for getting more value for the money that you spend then it does not make any sense to pay more for someone who is local. Additionally, outsourcing overseas means paying on the basis of the performance of a professional. This is not true in the case of an in house developer. 

When you hire an in-house professional, you are required to pay regardless of the performance is up to the mark or not. In the case of outsourcing overseas, if you are not satisfied with the work, there is no need to bear the expenses.

short term contracts

SHORT TERM CONTRACTS: One of the most important yet underrated benefits of outsourcing is being able to use the skills of a developer on a project basis without any long term commitment. 

There are times when a company might need someone with one skill set for a project but need someone with an entirely different skill set in a few months. Outsourcing overseas allows doing the same efficiently. Companies can hire based on their requirements and relieve accordingly.

minimal distractions

MINIMAL DISTRACTIONS: This might sound a little off at first but there is no doubt in the fact that many office environments turn out to be big distractions for the developers. There is a consistent noise in the offices and it gets difficult for the in-house developers to perform efficiently while doing their best. 

This distraction demands increased work from the in-house developers than it is necessary which also affects the working culture. In contrast to this, when you outsource a software developer from overseas, you can rest assured that the developer is fully committed to doing your work by all means. 

In case you want to go above and beyond, you can specify the details of what you expect from the project in absolute clarity. This will assure maximum output from the project.

talented professionals

TALENTED PROFESSIONALS: Outsourcing overseas can be a great option because it allows you to work with a talented team of software developers. Since offshore development companies have the experience to work with many clients, they have much more industry knowledge. 

These companies also ensure that their software developer stays up to date. The business depends on keeping up with the latest technology. On the other hand, the in-house developers have a tendency to get stuck in whatever project that they are doing. 

There is less scope for the in-house developers to be exposed to a diverse range of projects. The maximum experience that the in-house developers gain is limited to a specific project or an industry.

skills and experiences

SKILLS AND EXPERIENCES: Outsourcing from the best software development companies means that you have access to unlimited skills and experiences. Irrespective of whatever the requirement might be, you have the option to hire app developers right away. 

All those tasks that need only a little experience can be taken over by junior developers and the senior software professionals can look after many complex requirements. Opposite to this, with the in-house staff, there is a limited choice. 

Naturally, there is no sense to hire in-house developers for all the skills and technologies. Therefore, outsourcing offers never-ending access to all kinds of resources without any extra attention.

resource scalability

RESOURCE SCALABILITY: Outsourcing software development also assists in uplifting the results quickly. Scaling new heights with the in-house development team attributes to going through the HR process all over again. 

If you hire in-house then it means that you will repeat the entire process of looking for finalizing a new resource. In addition to being time-consuming and wasting all the resources, there is a chance of not getting the desired result. There are many situations when there is no extra time at your disposal and this is where IT outsourcing works very well. 

You can get in touch with the offshore software development company and ask them to work for you and get the job done. Chances are they will have a suitable person available or even if they do not have it, they will know the right place to get it from. 

This can save your company the energy and time of going through the hiring process. Outsourcing software development means quick and easy scalability. You have the ability to hire as many dedicated professionals as you want without any tension.


good investment

GOOD INVESTMENT: The software developers who work for you on a full-time basis have committed to working for you long term. They have high opportunity costs for working with companies. In addition to investing a considerable amount of time and energy, they are a lot more focused on the final outcome of the project. 

This is something huge to consider in this comparison. Plus, they are a lot less likely to bail out for multiple reasons and in case the fit seems good then they can very well be long term players for the company.

high relevancy

HIGH RELEVANCY: The full-time developers who sit right next to you know everything that is going on and they can change directions pretty easily. You can hold regular meetings with them and introduce new features in the software development projects effectively. 

They are also aware of all the challenges that the business might be facing in other areas like sales and marketing. This leads them to offer great solutions for the betterment of the project.

aligned mutual interests

ALIGNED MUTUAL INTERESTS: The meaning of success for freelancers or the companies you outsource from is limited to securing clients and delivering the best results on projects at the right time. 

On the other hand, entrepreneurs are focussed on building businesses for generating revenue and reaching a good place in the markets. This can take a long time but it leads to working for aligned mutual interests.

allocation of tasks

WORK SHARING AND ALLOCATION OF TASKS: When you are working with an in-house team of developers, you are aware of the skill set of all the team members. This allows you to assign the work right away and to the right person. 

While in the process of outsourcing overseas, you have to rely on the companies to allocate the work to the software developers. This can turn out to be positive or negative. The offshore software developing company that does not know your requirements on a clear note will not be able to deliver effective results.

Quality control

EFFICIENT QUALITY CONTROL: With an in-house development team, you can have efficient control over the quality of the work. You have the ability to manage development and quality at the right time. 

Whereas, outsourcing overseas means you only get to manage the work when the team of the outsourcing company shows the work to you. Quality control is much more flexible while you employ an in-house software development team.


INCREASED COLLABORATION: It is much simpler to collaborate with your own team as compared to collaborating with the outsourcing team. It is much easier to communicate with the people who work with you. 

The employer and the employee are in a way better position to understand the explicit requirements of each other. With the assistance of IT outsourcing, collaboration can become a hassle. Communication and cultural barriers can create problems thereby decreasing the overall quality and effectiveness of the work.


Irrespective of whether you choose to hire in-house software developers or go for outsourced software developers, the option that will suit you the best depends highly on specific requirements. Working with an in-house team can be costly and limiting while outsourcing can bring up communication barriers in case you do not choose the right professional or company.

With that being stated, the overall weighing of important points and considering the comprehensive experience, outsourcing software development can prove to be a much better option. The challenges that are as such associated with outsourcing can be handled with an appropriate investment of time and money.

Additionally, the various project management tools and techniques used by the offshore software developers can be used to stay right on track in real-time. This is the reason why the option of software development outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular. Unless the work needs a big-time in-house development team on guard, it will always be smart to go for the option of outsourcing your needs.



Many companies suffer the negative effects have been facing a talent shortage since recent times. Lack of a talented technical team prevents them from keeping up with technological advances. Mostly, when the businesses are looking for extra support to complete their projects the primary thing that comes to their mind is hiring capable team members. However, there are many other options as well.

Looking for and hiring skilled team members is a costly and sensitive move, especially for those companies that are running on a low budget. Therefore, outsourcing or hiring independent experts are some of the most popular and effective ways to execute the projects. These resources can offer long term solutions by hiring talented people with great skills. Going by this option, there is no need to offer a full-time employee in the house.

However, how can you tell which option is right for the business? In case you need to scale up your web development team but you feel unsure about which hiring option you should go for then keep reading to know the important things that can help in hiring skilled web developers:


    Before you go forward with the process of looking for a suitable developer, it is necessary to evaluate and gain a detailed understanding of all the skill sets possessed by your in-house team of developers.

    For instance; there might be a chance that you have a highly skilled and talented team of front end developers but you are missing out on the back end developers to complete the project professionally. The streamlining and comprehension of the skills and knowledge that your development team possesses will assist you in avoiding hiring someone who doesn’t serve.

    It will also help you stop extra paying for unwanted extra services from an independent developer or a company. You will only pay for that which you need. In case you are having trouble looking for understanding the skills of your team then your employees can fill out a simple survey. 

    You can ask them if they have the right software applications or assistance to complete their jobs. Once you know all that is missing in your team, you will be able to specify your requirements precisely. Bringing a developer who can expand on new ideas will expand the credibility of your work.


    how to hire developer

    Some skills are significant for hiring web developers. Three of the most important ones are self-motivation, an in-depth focus on business value and an ability to collaborate easily.

    If you can hire a developer who can create value for your business by working with others then it will be great for the success of the project. Your project will be completed with great results.


    After you have assessed and defined the gaps that must be filled to perform better, you can now look for the best way to get assistance. Irrespective of if it is hiring in house, a freelancer or a web development company, outlining the budget will be a great support.

    There are multiple costs associated with hiring new developers beyond the salary or payment. The estimated cost for hiring a new expert includes the cost of recruitment, training, and then the final hiring process.

    If the budget is not well defined then all these tasks can put a strain on time and resources. Defining the budget is all the more necessary if there is not much liberty to spend money on a large scale.


    The developer that you hire can facilitate constant communication while forming better partnerships to produce the best results. Also, hiring an in house can be a long term process. It takes a lot of time to hire a genuinely talented workforce and it is even more difficult to retain that workforce. 

    Outsourcing web development services can increase the hiring process and help in completing the project well within time. Therefore, outsourcing the services of the best web development and design company can be the best possible decision to increment the value of your team without putting any limitations on the quality.

    In case you wish to scale up your team then evaluate the total amount of control you want to keep on your projects. A team that is completely full of in house members is a good way but it can limit your chances of outsourcing immensely talented professionals. 


    check employee communication

    When you have a talented in house team, it becomes easy to cater to the demands of the development team as often as possible. Also, there is a good sense of security on the fruition of projects because the data stays protected and the important information stays in responsible hands.

    However, this doesn’t mean that outsourcing the services is not advisable. With the cutting edge technology, it is now possible to facilitate easy communication with web developers who offer outsourcing services. If you have been successful in hiring the right person then you can be sure about professionalism.

    Concerning the security issues, you can ask them to sign a contract before beginning the project. Even if the web developer or the web developing team is from somewhere out of India, it is now possible to communicate in real-time with great tools like Campfire, Slack, or Skype. 

    Just be sure about the difference in the time zones. If you decide to outsource the work from another country, the difference between your companies and the outsourcing team of developers must not go beyond eight hours. If this happens then the completion of projects might suffer because of communication issues.


    A web developer will never acquire complete expertise in all the areas because learning about many technologies and gaining mastery is pretty expensive. Most developers cannot spend that kind of money.

    Therefore, the developers who stay relevant to important areas with their skill set in consideration are the best option. Hiring these experts can be extremely beneficial because they are pretty capable of offering high-quality service with flexibility and scalability in the projects.

    It is very important to find out about all the skill sets that the web developer acquires and accordingly match them with your project requirements. Moreover, another consideration that must be taken care of in the selection process is the experience of the web developer. Anyone who is more experienced will offer a better quality service by creating better value.


    An important aspect of turning any project into a success is to offer client-centric design and development services. The developer that you hire must be able to identify with your project to move forward with the project accordingly. Understanding the vision is key to assess prospective clients.

    Hence, when you hire a renowned software development company, you can be sure of the project management capabilities. The team will work by focussing on the client experiences and using professional project management software applications along with processes.

    This also allows the customers to participate in multiple project activities through the project management tools where the customers can feel free to interact with the web development team while offering useful feedback or constructive suggestions. 


    A very common perception of most businesses for hiring a suitable web developer is to have an in-depth study of the complete portfolio of the web development company. This is a great way to look for answers.

    However, it often fails to offer many answers. There are aspects like timely project delivery, adhering to a budget, the professionalism of developers, etc. Getting an answer to all these questions can be done best if you come in contact with previous customers who have benefitted from the services that you are thinking of hiring.

    Checking detailed references of the previous clients by personally talking to them can be of great help. You should make maximum use of this by knowing everything you want to know about the developer. This will give you the peace of mind that you are investing in professional services.


hire developers india

When it is about growing the development team there is no particular approach that is perfect for all. While some companies might be able to fulfill their needs by hiring in house, some others may benefit immensely from the outsourcing of web developers. Going by recent trends, the latter approach has been beneficial for many companies.

There is no doubt in the fact that hiring a web developer can be a difficult task. In the present scenario, you must take care of various things while hiring the best web development option for your company. If you keep all the things mentioned above in mind, there is no reason why you will not be able to hire the best developer.



Why Hiring A Dedicated Top PHP Developers

Although PHP is somewhat of an old programming language, it is considered to be highly efficient, quick, and less prone to errors when it comes to website development. With so many scripting languages and frameworks in the market, PHP still remains one of the top programming languages for successfully completing new projects.

The major popularity of PHP is attributed to three main reasons, the primary is that the developers can do almost anything with PHP, the countless number of frameworks it offers and the fact its wide adoption in educating students. With this importance being stated clearly, there is no wonder why there is a constant demand for hiring professional PHP developers.

Here we will look at some of the most important things that must be considered while hiring a PHP developer and why you should hire one at all.

Let us begin with some reasons why you should hire top PHP developers:

    One of the major reasons why you should go for hiring a PHP developer is the high-quality development services that they can offer at affordable prices. This is even more beneficial for all start-ups working on a cost-effective budget.
    In case you go for hiring qualified web developers from the best web development companies then you can get the benefits of their flexible working skills. These developers are extremely skilled and they do complete the project at hand with immense agility.
    The innovation that a PHP developer can bring to the table is like no other. They will put the absolute best practices to use to come up with a genuine, innovative, and passionate approach for tackling the development of the project. These standpoints are the most necessary things that must be looked for while looking for and choosing a developer.
    Being adept with profound technical expertise is important for succeeding at PHP web development projects. If you hire a professional PHP web developer then you can gain maximum benefits from their profound knowledge and expertise. This can go far and beyond in developing a complex PHP application as easily as possible.
    Successful execution of your website is important for the success of your enterprise. A PHP developer will be your reliable partner in success when it comes to developing a functional website.
    PHP development is backed by professional support from a talented community of developers from around the world. Any query, module, codes, or training problem can be looked into and solved collectively. This community engagement goes a long way in making sure that the developer does a good job.
    At the time of execution of the project, the PHP developers adhere to the timeline strictly and they work to achieve timely submission of the project. This further increases the technical assistance and offers the power to come out even stronger by overcoming all the challenges. The results that come out finally are exceptional.

 After having an in-depth look into why is PHP the best choice for your project, the next thing is to figure out the process of hiring the right professional. Go through all the points given below to find out how you should hire the right developer. These points will assist you in making optimal and strategic decisions with your technology stack.


Since you already know that there are many PHP frameworks, the most important thing that you need to be clear about is the stage of your project and how soon it will be developed. In case you want something within weeks then it will be smart to go with raw PHP. 

The advantage of this will be there will be many developers who will be ready to take on the project instantly and deliver it quickly. However, the disadvantage is other than the person you choose, no one will be able to understand or work with the code and it will become very difficult to upgrade the application. This might lead to a situation in the future where you will have to scrap the entire code completely and rewrite it.  

In case you wish to avoid any such problems and you are looking for a long term solution then it is important to go for using a PHP framework. Irrespective of which option you may choose, raw PHP, or PHP frameworks with efficient code, you must know what makes them different and what they can mean for your project. 

A very common mistake that a non-technical person can make is paying for a non-scalable code. Avoid this situation if you don’t want to limit your options.


It is very important to choose which PHP framework you will go with before you can begin with the development process. 

In case you are posting a requirement for a developer on an online freelancing website or a job platform without exquisite specifications then your inbox will be full of multiple submissions each of them claiming that they are the best. 

If you want to decide which framework is the best one then do some research on the basis of price and the benefits offered by each of them. This will help you choose the best possible option to execute your project. 

Also, hiring a professional for a few hours is a smart thing to do. You can also a step ahead by taking expert consultation on how to find out which framework can work the best for your project.



After settling on a framework, you must come up with a specific description for hiring a PHP developer. You must describe your goals precisely by listing the functionalities that are important to you. For example; in case you want to send prompt emails to your users from the beginning, you must mention the same in your description. 

You must understand that PHP frameworks work similarly to the CMS platforms where you will have multiple functionalities at your disposal. Greater the project specifications you will mention, the better will the chances of hiring a suitable, skilled, and experienced developer. 

The developers who will apply for the job will know if they can be of any use for your project. Other than these functions, also consider the plan that you will follow after the project gets delivered. See if there will be any more stuff to add and when will you need maintenance. Paying attention to all these things will make it very easy to hire top PHP developers to manage your project.

hire top php developers


While going about the hiring process, it is always advisable to go for an experienced developer as compared to an amateur. When it comes to coding, the greater the number of projects a developer has completed, the better will be the knowledge base of that professional. 

This is exactly where the best PHP development company will stand out as compared to the individual developers. These companies are more than likely to have a team of different developers who bring varied experiences to the table. This ultimately adds up to the total value provided by them.


One of the most important aspects that must be paid attention to while hiring a PHP developer is to have a look into the kind of projects they have delivered successfully. 

If you can then get to know the opinion of the previous clients about them, the website’s performance, and the additional details to gain in-depth knowledge about the development process. The mere fact that some developers work on multiple projects at the same time while giving you a good idea about the number of completed projects.


The process of web development is not just limited to creating a functional website, it is much more than that. Website development is a way of reaching users by resonating with them. 

The developers who have the ability to let their innovative side do the talking will be much more proficient as compared to others. The quality of the website always gains more attention. Therefore, make sure that you hire developers who can relate to your brand.


Although PHP is used as a server-side language, it is desirable to add more layers to the web pages. This could very well be in terms of the interactive quotient, uses, or the technology of the website. Ensure that the professional you choose has practical experience in combining the best features. 

Additionally, the person or web development company that has a wide knowledge of different frameworks like HTML, XHTML, MySQL, Zend, CakePHP should be preferred. A fine combination of these technologies will help to come up with the best solutions.


It is true that hiring an experienced top PHP developers will give you maximum returns with minimum investments. Multiple PHP frameworks launched in recent times have made the process of development much more efficient and safer. Make sure that you know just what you need so that you can know which framework will suit your project the best.

Post getting clarity about all these things it will be easy to hire a suitable developer for your project. Also, contemplate the quality that you are expecting from your application and the total cost that will be involved. The main concern is getting maximum profits from your inputs. This will be possible only if you follow an optimal strategy of choosing a suitable developer.

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