Why We Need a Website Development Company?

In order for your website to draw good internet traffic, you will need a reputable website development company who can design a striking web design and develop it as per the latest industry standards. A web development company India will be more likely to help you get excellent services but at a lower cost.

Apart from a great design, your website needs to be developed properly for best results. Poor development can mean less web traffic that finds its way to your website. You will need a reputable developer who knows how to implement the latest coding technologies so that your website functions perfectly and is popular among the internet traffic. A web development company India is more likely to help you get excellent services, but at a lower cost.

Advantages of Indian Web Development Companies

There a number of reasons why offshore development Company India is becoming popular for information technology needs.

• Cost

Affordability is the primary concern when one hires a web development company India. . A website company in India will offer services that are excellent and can be counted among the best in the world, and at the same time, they are very affordable.

• Quality

You must never compromise on quality as your website plays a significant role in the success of your business. When you hire a good web development company India, it will ensure excellent quality. They hire expert developers who are dedicated and passionate about creating great websites. They have trained experts who will test your website and fix all bugs to make it usable. They will even perform quality analyses to ensure that you get nothing but an excellent website.

• Implementation of Latest Methodologies

A web development company India uses the latest technologies and systems to make your website world class. Whether you need an static HTML website or a website integrated with content management system, they can do it all. Popular content management systems used by them are Joomla, WordPress and other systems to ensure maximum usability of your website. If you want to sell products on your website, then you will need e-commerce website. A web development company India will be able to implement e-commerce systems and any other features that your website requires.

• Time

One of the major benefits that you get from hiring a web development company India is that you can save time. Since they take charge of developing the website completely, you get time to concentrate on your main business activities. These companies will send you reports about the progress on a regular basis. Moreover, a web development company India can offer an advantage because of the time zone difference.

Branding For Business And Logo Design

A well designed website with an eye-catching logo that is able to make an impact on visitors is extremely important for brand building. When people surf a website with an attractive logo and design, they are motivated to explore the products and services it offers.

A great logo helps you stand apart!

Your business logo is the foundation of your brand and is used on packaging, promotional materials and business stationery, etc. A logo which is different or unique helps in recognizing your brand instantly among others in the crowd. A logo also helps you to retain your customers for a long period of time.

A good logo assists you in taking your business to greater heights and gives it an edge over your competitors. It works like your company’s advertisement so it is important that it has a professional and creative design. A logo that conveys the company goals and values helps in establishing a brand. Thus, you cannot afford to ignore your business logo.

A logo builds confidence in your company

A good logo will help your target audience have confidence in your offerings and will help you stand apart from the crowd. Branding is giving your customers a promise, where they know what exactly to expect from your services and products, differentiating you from your competitors. Being derived who you are and what people perceive you to be, your brand is able to provide a lot of insight into your products or services.

Designing a professional logo

Keeping in mind that a logo plays a key role in branding, here are a few tips while designing one:

  • Finding out the reason your company needs a logo, like is it to boost the image of your company or is it for a new venture. Images formed in the eyes of your customer are usually long lasting ones and an eye-catching; logo is sure to be there for long.
  • Being clear as to who you want to target, like what kind of customers you need for your product or services. Customizing the logo with the customers in mind is important. This includes the use of symbols and colors and other elements. Try to follow the company’s color scheme to make it more appealing.
  • Deciding if you require your company’s name on the logo. It is not required all the time, but if you have limited funds and are looking to promote your company’s name, then it is a good idea. At the same time if you have a long name to your company, it is best avoided. Try not copying other’s logos and keep your logo different, simple, eye-catching and something which impresses.

As discussed, your logo design must be professional and should be such that you can use for years. Following these tips, your company is sure to be remembered by its logo, surging your business ahead.
To make the first impression a lasting one, at Orion eSolutions we successfully deliver logos which enable you to create an impact on your customers and establish a brand.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App?

Mobile apps are the latest trend and an effective way to generate a lot of business. Whether it is shopping or booking tickets or listening to music there are apps for everything. Thus, they have become as essential as other forms of advertising for your business. There are various other reasons why your business needs a mobile app. When you are aware about more benefits, ordering a mobile application for your business should be your first step.

Extensive reach: A mobile app is able to reach out to customers any time, any place, giving the right information about your offerings instantly. Once you know you have been able to reach out to the customers, you can make, or convince them to buy your services or products, thus getting revenue. Being satisfied with your services or products, these customers can pass on the information to more prospective customers.

Easy to Access: Providing appropriate service to your customers, you can make your service to them more reachable by giving them tools and contact numbers to keep in touch with you for future services. Providing facilities where the customers are able to shop via the phone itself, adds value to the service, and makes it comfortable and convenient for the customers. This increases the business significantly.

Coupon assistance: Offering coupons on your outlets, and giving them this information on their mobile, will convince the customers to visit your outlet when passing by. This helps in building customer relationships.

Convenient apps: Similar to online shopping, a mobile app lets your customers avail your services from their mobile instead of their desktops or laptops. This is more convenient, as they cannot carry their desktops around like the mobile.

Cost effective apps: A mobile app need not be a fancy one with loads of features, a basic one only catering to the requirement of your business does the trick and is able to reap you a good amount of profits. After the development is done with, you can cash on it by thinking of other innovative methods of using it.

App in partnership: Getting into partnership with other businesses for the mobile application development can also benefit you. The customers using the mobile app will be informed about your products and services also. Forming a mobile app in partnership is a beneficial way of going about it, when you are interested in cost cutting.

Other benefits: Apart from the discussed features and benefits of mobile apps, other vital benefits are building customer loyalty, branding, enhanced exposure, repeat business and more. It is also a perfect way to provide relevant info to a large number of customers. This can be about new products and offerings, festive discounts, etc. Customers find mobile apps convenient since they are time saving, convenient, and fun.
With the mobile app craze on the rise, going for a mobile app is sure to lead you to success. All you need to do is hire a mobile application development company and discuss the details with them.

Getting started with PHP online

PHP is a looping acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor which in theory is a scripting language extensively used in web development and is exceedingly easy to integrate into HTML. On account of its wide acceptability and ease of use, it is used primarily as an open source general purpose scripting tool. For those who frequently deal with web development, PHP is the go to language that is effortless to handle and provides optimum and customized results. Given the fact that almost the entirety of widgets on a website are created using PHP, it is an indispensable tool to familiarize oneself with.

Considering the importance of PHP, here are some of the best online resources that can help with a thorough and practical knowledge of PHP.

PHP Manual- The most fundamental and extensive tool available to learn PHP, this is actually the official manual interspersed with a host of detailed explanations of the underlying concepts. The interactive nature of the resource makes it an excellent learning platform.

Learn PHP

Killer PHP- Mastering the workable aspects of PHP and in a jiffy is the selling point of this resource. The applied tutorial takes you through the basics swiftly and poses a practical problem solving exercises in conjunction with easy to follow videos enabling a rapid learning.

Killer PHP

PHPBuilder.com- Imparting the most discernible ways to be trained in PHP while continually updating your knowledge and practical aspects in the sole purpose of this resource. The regularly updated content is in sync with the myriad of techniques to be mastered in PHP and is practically indispensable on account of the numerous discussions and industry best practices on using


Stack Overflow- Stack Overflow is another interactive website that equips one with real time programming concerns and solutions posted by novices and masters of the field, practically providing one with all there is to learn with specific stress on pitfalls and most vital tools.

Stack Overflow

PHP with MySQL Essential Training- Listed as a 11 hour course on Lynda.com, this is about the most inclusive and basic online resource for PHP beginners that provides comprehensive information on what to do with the basics and practical applications including working with MySQL.

While there are countless resources available online, this is a compilation of the most fundamental and the easiest to navigate through with ample hands on application tutorials.