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Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding- Big Money Small Debts

Crowd funding, as the name suggests, is a way of attracting considerable investments for a project without owing a large sum to any one financier. A new found way of getting innovative and interesting projects financed, crowd funding lets your investment needs be spread over a horde of individuals and frees you from the worry of huge interests accrued on account of a handful of investors funding the project. While this spreads your unique idea among a possibly large number of financiers to ensure maximum awareness and penetration of the benefits arising out of it, it also eases the financial burden to bringing the project to a completion as the number of investors being many allows you to cope for a few dropping out due to one reason or the other. Another huge benefit is that due to the investment being low, you can virtually approach anyone for funds; be it professional low key investors, friends or family.

The benefits of such an investment model are many; desired level of funding being accumulated with apparent ease, lower interest and dividends to paid, financial backing of a host of investors, so on and so forth. As a result of multiple benefits, it is generally easier to attract financiers. The most common approach to crowd funding is through the use of a web platform; ventures like Face book and LinkedIn being the mightiest examples of all. Smaller contributions from a large number of parties allow you to leverage your idea or proposition and enable the idea to take a concrete shape and spread across the world of financiers, attracting still more investments.

There are primarily 3 facets of crowd funding.

• Donation based– in the form of donations from investors
• Reward based– in which investors receive monetary benefits out of the investment
• Credit based– more commonly known as crowd lending, which allows investors to benefit from the accrued interest arising out of the investment made

The most notable benefit of crowd funding remains the fact that it effectively circulates an idea or project among a large and diverse group of individuals which, to all intents and purposes, creates a base for the idea to be well received by the crowds. An immensely sustainable business model, crowd funding essentially creates a huge potential market once the product or service is out for the consumers.

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