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In the excitement of building a flashy and eye catching website, plenty of programmers and developers tend to overlook or forego the most basic element; the user friendly aspect. Having created a flawless website, the user login process, if not simplified and made amply swift, can avert traffic and traction among the user communities. The traffic keeps waning until some day users discontinue repeat logins.
To alleviate the situation, here are a few tips that will translate to a positive user experience which contributes to bring traction to your website.
Use Email addresses for user-names- The most elemental aspect is to use email addresses instead of user names. Extensive studies have demonstrated users having trouble with remembering a myriad of user names. It would be much more convenient to login using an email address for a user ID.
Length and Constitution of Passwords- This is increasingly seen as a nuisance among users. Let them decide the length and the characters they want to use in their login process. Restricting the password to 12-14 characters with interspersed special characters is bound to make users irritable as is the stipulation of changing the password every too often which encourages user aversion to your website.
Avoid automated time bound logouts- Having to login time and again just because a user left the screen idol for a minute or so is another example of what amounts to an irritant in a user’s dictionary. Acceptably, these are a security measure; however the user might find it as an annoyance especially if one is working on a personal computer or worse still, a handheld touch screen device because god knows, it is a pain to login again and again using the touch screen.
Trim the login page down to the bare necessities- After all, the purpose of the login page is to act as a transition to the main website. Considering this, there is a call to cut down on all the extra weight on the page so it is easier and swift to load.
These here are some of the most elementary methods to ease the situation for your users. Of course there are more extensive and technical ways, but any developments using these steps as basics will go a long way towards making the login process an easier affair.

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