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How Can Retailers Adopt a Better ECommerce Strategy?

The large number of offers, ads and promotions that are sent to people from the eCommerce websites during the holiday season can be compared to what someone would experience standing in Times Square for a long time. Consumers find this irritating and distracting, whereas for retailers, it is quite expensive. This holiday season, things can be different. Using some solid eCommerce strategy, retailers can interact with consumers better on an individual level and provide them with a better experience.
Provide Cohesive Experiences: It is important to create a single view for customers. Customers want consistency when they are in a store, reading email, shopping online, using a mobile device or interacting with the social media. This requires a cohesive eCommerce strategy.
Forecast Intent: The holiday season is a problem for marketers who want to personalize their offers when people are actually trying to shop for a wider and diverse group of customers. Retailers need to think of historical data to anticipate what customers might want on the basis of the previous year’s purchases. If your customer made a purchase of toddler clothing from your eCommerce website, they should get an offer on something similar this year.
Add Location with Profile Information: This enables automated personalized mobile interactions. Using Geo-fencing can be a great way for targeting consumers when they are close to your store. While this might annoy customers more often, you can personalize your message and say they can avail a particular discount from your retail store.
Use All Means for Driving Conversions: Take advantage whenever someone opens an app, clicks an ad or reads an email. Often, attention is not paid to the landing page in the eCommerce website. Test the situations, optimize the page and target your marketing as much as possible.
Create Good Segmentation Themes: Working with a single marketing strategy is not productive. Move beyond referring to customers merely by demographic attributes such as age, location and gender. You need to segment them on the basis of behavior, product, purchases and brands they prefer, their social conduct and context in real time.
Attract Shoppers with More than Just Deals: While customers definitely look for the best deals, the eCommerce strategy of the retailers should focus on supplemental reviews, images, celebrity endorsements and videos to may be inducing a purchase. Using signals to push media if someone is standing beside a display can be extremely motivating and inspiring.
These are some of the methods that can help you enhance sales for your retail website.

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