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Create a WordPress Theme

How to Create a WordPress Theme?

WordPress is very common and popular among bloggers all over the world. Millions of online themes are available for the users. Some of the themes are free of cost while others can be purchased at a nominal cost. Normally these themes are meant for those who are creating them for personal use. Web design company try to create a new look which is strikingly different from the usual ones. Create a unique theme with the help of professional web designers. You will find some help on certain aspects for the creation of themes as you go through the article.

Particulars Related to Theme Designing

Consider the graphical layout of the theme. Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks will help you to design the graphics of the theme. Check out certain popular websites like CSS, Net diver and similar sites for samples. If you need suggestion for the selection of color combinations, visit sites like Flickr, Color Schemer and others. You can come up with your own colors too. Next is font selection. Use the sample fonts as available in the WordPress site. You may also consult other sites.

Steps of Theme Building:

1. Create your sub-folder in the WordPress main folder. The name assigned to the folder must correspond with the theme. You may use FTP client included in cPanel.

2. Decide the look of your WordPress blog. The blog space includes separate spaces for headers, footers, main area and sidebars. All these decide the final look of the theme. In the directory of tutorial theme you need to create the files as mentioned below:

o header.php – It contains the code meant to be used for header section. It is a simple HTML code. Specify the meta tags, meta descriptions and the keywords used.
o index.php – The codes for the primary writing space are included in this file. Specify clearly about the locations of other files. It checks the blogs published through WordPress and whether they are properly displayed or not.
o sidebar.php – Sidebar related information is stored here.
o footer.php – Footer related details are stored within this file.
o style.css – This stores the details of the design of your fresh new theme.

There are many Web Development company in India that design beautiful WordPress themes by following these simple steps.

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