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Innovative Ways of Replacing Ad Blocks with Alternate Content

Websites are created by online companies, either to promote their products or to promote the services they provide. These days every company is required to have a website of its own, to promote identity in the global virtual world. It is simply not without the paraphernalia in terms of overheads associated with setting up an online company.
Yes, you can definitely save up on the cost of paying up huge sums of money for maintaining a commercial establishment. The money might have to be shelled out in the form of a hefty advance, in case you are planning to take it on lease. Else monthly rents have to be paid for maintaining a retail establishment. You are saving up on this money, if you carry out your entire array of businesses online.
But then, you have copy writers or bloggers, whom you have to regularly pay, in terms of salaries and incentives. These guys keep providing input to your website, as the cows are fed with fodder from time to time. And you need to provide samples and freebies to consumers to build upon your reputation. So, where will you go for all the money to take care of the mentioned overheads? This is where you need online advertisers, who sponsor your website. They host ads which give them business plus they promote the goodwill of your online establishment. Both the factors are complementary to each other.
Now is the crux of what ad blocks do?
Most of the users, who want to scout for information operate through the search engine named Google and get their end use satisfied. Be it students, to reference a study topic or an employee to analyze market trends, or managers who require information about his/her competitor companies. To access easier flow of information, without the interruption of ads, these tech savvy guys install ad blocks on their systems.
All they want is the information. It is like going to the coffee shop, enjoying your favorite cup of cold coffee and walking away without paying the bill. These online website companies are purely dependent on advertising agencies for their sponsor ship. This is thoroughly paralyzed with ad blocks.
Ways and means of putting alternate content to defeat the purpose of ad blocks are as follows
1) Facebook Likes or Tweets
There is an interesting advertising gimmick, to prevent ad blocks from doing their jobs. Online advertising companies can insert a Facebook like or a Twitter widget on the empty space, created by ad blocks. Upon liking the FB or Twitter page, it redirects the users to the concerned ad company’s web page. The clicks generate income to the online companies. Else you can insert a comment like, “Just click a like on ad page and get fabulous discounts on cosmetics or apparels or soaps or whatever”. This way, a lot of consumers can get distracted from their main page and go to the link, curious to know, what it is all about.
2) A Program to Prevent Ad Blocks
You can download a simple program, a Java script to prevent ad blocks from blocking ads. And insert the program on the vacant space. This way, the visibility factor is much better.
Some programs work for Google Ad-sense and some encoded programs work on regular ads, as well.
Before embedding alternate content, see to it, you are able to make the websites as interesting and as impressive as possible. Encourage your bloggers or writers to write on first hand experiences on products and reviews rather than re-creating info from another blog. When your content is audience most captivating, the results are definitely fabulous. And present your ads in the form of interesting cartoons, or with caricatures, to drive audience or visitors towards your website. Impressive visuals can be embedded rather than ad videos, as such.
The methodology on how to display alternate content to ad block users, calls for meticulous thinking and sustained efforts.

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