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Is Bot Fraud Affecting Brand Integrity eCommerce?

Bot fraud is where automated computer programs view online ads, rather than real people doing so. By doing this, the trust of the visitors to the website is broken. They stop believing in the quality of the website. The amount of Bot fraud in the midst is unrivaled in the industry. This leads to a crisis of confidence on the buy side.


The Bot Fraud creates a lot of problems for the e-commerce websites as the traffic on these websites is based on trust and faith. This in turn leads to loss of business.

Results of Bot fraud

Bot fraud or spam’s can inject malware and cause havoc to the website. This diminishes the reputation of the website and flow of visitors to the website become negligible.

Curbing Bot Fraud

You can be aware of the Bot fraud by the use of the cloud based service provider. It diminishes the non-human traffic on the different websites.

How does Bot fraud work?

Sites with a false traffic are able to lure advertisers in buying space on their websites as well as at the same time sell their space to the other advertisements in the middle.


The recent activities to curb this by the ANA/White Ops initiative have been successful to a certain extent. White Ops, a digital security firm tracks down and monitors fraud instances throughout, thus assisting the integrity and the business to survive and claim its stand with the traffic. At present, steps are being taken to provide security throughout the chain, so that the chances of Bot fraud are brought down to the minimum.


Marketers are taking the initiative in understanding the issues and trying to get solutions , not only to minimize this, but eradicating it totally so as to be benefitted. Urgency is required to eliminate this fraud and the fraudsters who are profiting from the market which is not rightfully theirs.

Bot fraud is able to penetrate in the whole market chain, so taking the essential steps to eliminate this, after curbing it, will be beneficial to the whole supply chain. The rate at which these Bot frauds have taken place, a martial law would be implemented if it was in the real world instead of the virtual world.

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