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IT Support Plans

IT support is very crucial for all types of business. Imagine you are working on an important project and something goes wrong with the computer. Apart from valuable data that has been collected over years, you also stand to risk your business in a situation like this.

A market leader in the Indian IT support companies

We just do not believe in delivering the actual services included in our wide range, but in supporting you all through the process. Orion eSolutions have all suitable and efficient IT support plans for any possible issues at your end.

Orion, a leading Indian IT service provider, comes up with varied free and paid options for you. Our high-standard support plans can be availed during working hours, when our team completely dedicates itself to assist you in planning, installing or managing your applications.

With our online server support solutions, “squeeze” your web development, design or hosting solutions and utilize them to the maximum. Running a business demands increasing levels of information and high security restrictions as well as managing the impact that some lost data may cause on your business operations. In such a case, you may feel the need of an expert. We are here to guide and help with comprehensive solutions to take your business to the next level.

With our IT support services, you can rest assured that your data is safe and the steps are being taken to safeguard the same from any possible issues too.

  • After-sales equanimity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Timely operations
  • Real time service call tracking

Our premium plans are available in a wide range too. Check out our comparison table and choose the plan that best suits you. You can call us in case of perplexity and we will assist you with the best plan for your business.

Our premium plans will further bring you proactive services such as customized alerting or providing additional security.

We are aware that your official data is important to you and your business and thus, we aim to provide such solutions that get you painless backup. Our solutions are customizable, which helps us to meet your specifications for your business now and in future.

Orion E-solutions Offers The Following IT Support Plans:

  • Server administration at multiple levels.
  • 24/7 Server monitoring, service monitoring and active support facilities.
  • Automated rebooting of the server whenever it goes down (in case this does not happen it is immediately escalated to technical contact of client’s choice).
  • Basic server management at level one and two.
  • The tech support works with the DC for hardware related problems.
  • Automated server patch and software updates.
  • Advanced server management at level one and two.
  • Scheduled server back up and monitoring.
  • Automated server audit and hardening facility as per schedule.
  • System logs are constantly checked and followed.
  • 24/7 help desk.
  • One hour response time with 5 hours resolution time for each ticket.

Orion E-solution has the most dedicated team of server management and client support. Client satisfaction is our primary motivation and we understand the technical needs of each of our clients specifically and deal with it accordingly. Get rid of all your tech related worries and focus on running your business. Contact us for your business it support today and witness the change.

Level Pricing Pricing Range
L2/L3 $35 / ticket Upto 50 tickets
L2/L3 $30 / ticket 50-100 tickets
L2/L3 $25 / ticket 100-300 tickets
L2/L3 $22 / ticket 300 above

Any server admin task where the tech is given the information and tool to perform a task or resolve a problem on the server.

Level Pricing Pricing Range
L1 $20 / month 1 – 4 servers
L1 $40 / month 5 – 9 servers
L1 $40 / month 10 servers
L1 $3 / server 11 and above


24 / 7 server and service monitoring and reactive supportIf the server and services goes down, they will be rebooted / restarted.Still if they are not up, it would be escalated to the technical contact provided by the client.

Level Pricing Pricing Range
L1/L2 $100 / month upto 3 servers
L1/L2 $300 / month 3 – 5 servers
L1/L2 $600 / month 6 -10 servers

Best fit forIn addition to what is offered under server admin, if servers are still down after rebooting, the techs identify the problem. They resolve it if they have tools provided by client else escalate. For hardware issues, the tech works with the DC. Server patches and software updates will be done automatically when ever they are available or when ever they are necessary.

Level Pricing Pricing Range
L1/L2 $100 / server / month 1-4 servers
L1/L2 $600 / month 5-10 servers
L1/L2 $1100 / month above 10 servers


In addition to what is offered under basic server management, Server back up is scheduled and monitored, Scheduled server audit and server hardening done. Sytem logs are reviews and acted upon.

VPS Management

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Dedicated Server Management

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Note: Please refer sample contract for terms and conditions. Applicable to all plans w.r.t levels and metrics. Per tech plan is for a 8 hrs, 5 day schedule with one tech handling support requests that fall within that 8 hr slot.

Response time = 1 hour and resolution time is 5 hours for tickets.

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