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Latest Version of Kernel RHEL6

We would like to inform you that a major kernel vulnerability has been discovered that requires us
to reboot all our servers.
This vulnerability may allow a guest container (virtual server) to access files from other clients.
There is no reason to believe that any customer was affected by this vulnerability at this time.

Changes from last version of Kernel RHEL6.

  • [security] fix access to the host filesystem from inside a container (#PSBM-29594)
  • ms/net/ipv4: dst_entry leak in ip_send_reply() (#2672, PSBM-29405)
  • cpt: Fix nfct->use leak in undump_expect_list()
  • cpt: save and restore the bounding set of capabilities (PSBM-29230)
  • ms/module: remove rmmod wait option (PSBM-27580)
  • net: tcp/ipv4 – don’t panic the kernel if socket has no waiter (PSBM-27040)
  • cpt/net: dump and restore net.ipv4.conf. < device > . < option > (#2965, PSBM-28501)
  • ms/hrtimer: Prevent remote enqueue of leftmost timers
  • ms/hrtimer: Set expiry time before
  • ms/hrtimer: Backport CLOCK_BOOTTIME feature, needed for latest systemd (#2937)
  • fs/aio: aio_nr & aio_max_nr variables virtualization (PSBM-27188)
  • fs/aio: introduce aio_nr & aio_max_nr per-CT sysctls (PSBM-27188)
  • fs/inotify: fix memory leak (#3068)
  • cpt: aio_max_nr migration support (PSBM-27188)
  • ploop: add a separate queue for discard bio-s (v2) (PSBM-27676)
  • ploop: update i_size on preallocation (#3030)
  • mm: shmem — Do not account @max_blocks in container’s system shared memory (PSBM-23408)
  • ip_venetstat_init: fix access to ve_list without proper locking
  • ms/fs: dentry leak in simple_fill_super() failure exit (PSBM-28653)
  • ms/net: cbq: incorrectly low bandwidth setting blocks limited (PSBM-28459)
  • fs/ext4: self-deadlock in wait_flush_aiodio_work()/ext4_end_io_dio()
  • kernel: kill invalid BUG_ON in next_thread (PSBM-29067, #2895)
  • kmod: Allow ts_* (text search) modules autoloading (PSBM-28358)
  • cpt: fix unsafe helper dereference in dump_one_ct (PSBM-28841)
  • sched: make allowance for vcpu rate in /proc/stat (PSBM-28500)
  • ploop: Fix file->f_count leak in raw_complete_snapshot()
  • ploop: print warning on “disk full” condition (#3045)
  • ms/net: sock_queue_err_skb() dont mess with sk_forward_alloc (PSBM-29156)
  • arch/x86_64: increase kernel stack size up to 16K on debug kernels (PSBM-28515)
  • ploop: check error from freeze_bdev (PSBM-28460)

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