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DevOps is like a complete game-changer that makes the shift possible by accelerating software delivery and simplifying the cross-stage transitions that occur all through the software life cycle. DevOps brings different stakeholders from business, operations and development teams in order to streamline the process of software delivery. It is changed that brings along automation techniques while helping different organizations to automate and ease the process of deployment, environment set up, configuration, testing, and monitoring. DevOps save a great amount of time, money and energy for businesses while offering them an opportunity to make the most of innovation and technology.

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Benefits of DevOps

Orion eSolutions offers DevOps services providers that help in delivering faster applications. Change the way your team works by treading the gap between development and operational services. Implementing DevOps services help in improved communication and collaboration between the teams.


Once the project is completed, it does not take much time to market it.


DevOps services reduce the bottlenecks to a great extent while producing the best possible results.

Higher ROI

DevOps services provide higher efficiency, productivity and ultimately higher ROI.


DevOps technologies help organizations in saving great cost and time.


With our DevOps services, we allow our clients to stay ahead in the competition.


Our primary goal is to transform your business needs into a software solution.

DevOps Services Providers Offerings

With the help of our DevOps Services Providers offerings, we assist our customers to launch themselves into the next phase of continuous integration, continuous deployment, DevOps intelligence. Our range of services comprises release orchestration, deployment automation, end to end automation, control, monitoring and insights to fast track the software and product delivery.


Continuous integration and delivery is the fundamental process of successful DevOps. In order to optimize and firmly establish the CI/CD development model and gain maximum benefits, we build an effective pipeline that automates the integration and testing processes of companies. We do this by combining significant CI/CD points which when combined effectively operate as a successful cornerstone and offer multiple benefits.

  • Automated Environment Provisioning
  • Continuous Configuration Automation
  • Test Data Management
  • Server State Mismatch Identification & Elimination
  • Configuration Mismatch Identification & Elimination

As a part of continuous inspection, we check the code continuously to rule out any possible defects. The goal of this inspection is to prevent defects by detecting them earlier so that the development can be seamless.


  • Continuous Development
  • Automation and management of source code
  • Service virtualization
  •  Automated testing and versioning

We assist organizations to quickly deploy and deliver working software, support uninterrupted business processes and deliver better customer value. We provide continuous delivery services all across the life cycle which further helps in supporting applications from digital or consumer facing systems to large enterprise applications.

  • Release scheduling, checking and automation
  • Analytics that monitors, build, tests operations, releases packaging and publishing


We partner with our customers to influence their business outcomes, revenues and competitiveness by speeding up the frequency of successful product release while optimizing costs.


  • Upgradation, patching, deployment with zero downtime and risk.


We build integrated dashboards that include deep actionable insights into the software delivery process while addressing different highlights.


  • Real time insights on the performance
  • Release schedule
  • Release velocity
  • Release activity trend
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Predicting future release cycle
  • Issue tracking

Being a part of the present ongoing maintenance, we offer our customers with complete visibility on the SLAs and KPIs. Combining industry and strong technology experience, our DevOps employs continuous integration plans for continuous innovation.

  • Ops management and optimization
  • Analytical dashboard that tracks environment, infrastructure performance and KPIs


  • Thorough analysis of continuous improvement and delivery.
  • KPIs, SLAs and other important metrics that must be used to monitor.
  • Technology scripts and tools used for automation.
  • Assessing organization maturity, workflow, readiness and other security aspects of an enterprise.
  • Developing a DevOps adoption roadmap for supporting multiple IT operating models.
  • Baseline and standardize metrics, SLAs, etc.
  • A comprehensive agile DevOps training and workshop
  • Automation tools that support continuous delivery, deployment, and automation
  • DevOps intelligence platforms and dashboards
  • DevOps governance model for continuous evolution.
  • Tracking and monitoring SLAs and other metrics
  • Outcomes and metric-based monitoring
  • Enterprise-wide DevOps adoption standards and best practices of project, program and portfolio level.

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