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Our DevOps team works with collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. Orion DevOps offer as a service, we ensure rapidly growth of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.

Orion DevOps consulting, we help medium and large size companies align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, letting the code be in a releasable state always.

Our DevOps as a service expertise includes:

  • One click deployments and rollback
  • Configure Automated Alerts
  • Centralized Log Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Optimization and Stress Testing
  • Collaboration with Dev and QA team

DevOps as a Service



Incident Tracking and Collaboration

Tools – Atlassian JIRA, Atlassian Hipchat



Tools – Github, Subversion, Bitbucket,Jenkins, Bamboo


Code Build

Tools – Ant, Maven, Gradle



Tools – Docker, Vagrant, EC2 Container


Configuration Tools

Tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible


Reporting and Training

Tools – Kibana



Tools – AWS,Azure,GCE,Rackspace,Linode,DO


Log Analysis

Tools – Logstash



Tools – Nagios, Icinga,Zabbix


Indentity Management

Tools – One Login , Okta


Server Incident Monitoring & Management

Tools – Opsgenie