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Have our expert administrators manage your servers.

Linux Server AdministrationA server cannot run without proper assimilation of software, hardware and administration. Orion eSolutions understand it completely to have a host of administrators, which can easily get the juice out of hardware and software while eschewing the failures encountered with these.

At Orion, We offer IT support, solutions and system administration service to easily fit your budget. With a team of fully knowledgeable, committed, and highly skilled professionals, we are successfully catering to our wide clientele-base across the world with comprehensive server administration solutions.

What differentiates our Linux administration from others?

Our administrators just do not try to resolve the problems, but actually thwart them, unlike those with our rivals that keep on finding a solution. In case a problem is too big to be solved in real time, our administrators hold the potential to avoid any possible serious issue with the server. We have a team of professionals that keeps itself prepared in advance to face any kind of challenge. Stability and reliability are what they ensure in any web project.

What services are offered under server administration?

  • Web server administration
  • Server optimization
  • Database server setup
  • Mail server setup
  • Cluster solutions
  • Data recovery
  • Performance tuning
  • Upgrade packages
  • Custom security solutions
  • Backup solutions

Catch the various features with Orion’s Linux administration services:

  • Practical optimization – Before we move on with managing high-loaded servers, we consider optimizing it at each level. We believe that optimization enhances server performance, which further allows resources to be utilized to the maximum.
  • Data backup – Our server administration will ensure that you have a regular backup to never lose your crucial data.
  • Secured administration – It is possible that even after complete attention of yours along with an efficient service, bugs or viruses cause failure. We make sure that our team does the best to keep the risk at the minimum.
  • Support – If you face any problem, our team is at your service 24/7 to assist you in every possible way.

We can customize our services for you to help you get 100% satisfaction with no compromise on your requirements. With our unfailing service, you focus only on your business operations, let alone the technological part, which we take care for you. For any assistance, feel free to give us a ring at any time. Our server administration will act as insurance for the downtime you encounter.

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  • Dedicated Resource
  • Hire a system administrator
  • Server Migration Plan
  • Optimize your Server now
Linux Server Administration Package ComparisonCritical Server AdministrationFull Server AdministrationBase Server Administration
Unlimited Linux Server Administration Tickets
24/7 Server Monitoring – 5 Min.
Initial Linux Server Security
Standard 3rd Party Server Software
Nameserver & DNS Management
Server Updates & Patches Applied
Hacked Server Analysis & Recovery
Re-Secured Post Intrusion
Server Backup Restoration
Friendly Server Administration Team
Server Administration Consultation
Server Kernel Upgrades (grsecurity)
Proactive Server Security
Continuous Server Log Monitoring
Server Migrations & Server Transfers
PCI DSS Scan Resolution
Server Cluster Management & Setup
Custom Need Base Server Security
Log Analysis Explained
Custom Coding (1 Hour/Month)
20GB Offsite Server Backup Space
Maximum Response Time30 Minutes1 Hour4 Hour

Linux Server Administartion Pricing
One Time Setup Fee$50$25$20
With Supported Control Panel$125$80$25
Without Control Panel$160$110$50

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