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24/7 Access to windows experts.

If you are looking to manage more than one server at a time, call Orion eSolutions that take care of your server needs and helps you easily access the unattended computers any time.

With Orion’s windows administration service, you can keep the server-based applications updated, while they remain fully operational. The servers can be remotely monitored to determine any possible issues and resolve them quickly.

To get window administration running on the server, first get the Host module installed and set a password. Once your computer is connected to the server, the service is functional. On the contrary, you can get the service operational on the computer by installing the full software and connecting to the server.

With our Window Administration service, get the following features tied to it.

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Windows Server Administration
Package Comparison
Critical Server
Full Server
Base Server
Unlimited Administration Ticketsyesyesyes
24/7/365 Admin Availabilityyesyesyes
Initial Server Securityyesyesyes
Standard 3rd Party Software Supportyesyesyes
Production Server Software Supportyesyesyes
Most Windows Platforms Supportedyesyesyes
Initial DNS/Nameserver Configurationyesyesyes
Updates Applied Asyesyesyes
Hacked Server Analysis & Recoveryyesyesyes
Friendly Server Administration Teamyesyesyes
Server Administration ConsultationyesyesNo
Restore a server from backupyesyesNo
Proactive Security PlanyesyesNo
Continuous Server Log MonitoringyesyesNo
Server Migrations & TransfersyesyesNo
PCI DSS Scan & ResolutionyesNoNo
Custom Need Base Server SecurityyesNoNo
Log Analysis ExplainedyesNoNo
20GB Offsite Server Backup SpaceyesNoNo
Maximum Response Time30 Minutes1 Hour4 Hours

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