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Soon to be launched: Google’s JavaScript debugging tool

In a recent blog post on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google reported that they are launching a new tool in the upcoming days, which will be a great help to the user as far as the servicing of JavaScript-coded websites is concerned. This tool will help the webmasters having JavaScript implemented in their websites by letting them know if Google is having any issue while crawling or indexing their website. According to Google, there are modifications and improvements done in order to check the websites which are run on JavaScript so that the GoogleBot is not missing the essential content. Initially, Google was having a tough time while interpreting the actual things which were experienced by the various browsers in the JavaScript, however, it could only see the raw text elements. In this way the essential and the valuable content in the JavaScript based websites was not reaching the Googlebots. In order to rectify this issue Google came up with the JavaScript debugging tool so that it can execute JavaScript in a complete way and there is no loss of important and valuable content during the process of crawling and indexing.

According to the officials, the team at Google is gradually improving on this topic and as a result of which this new tool came intobeing. They said that the indexing system of Google has been rendering a considerable number of web pages similar to the average web user’s browser with the JavaScript turned on.

JavaScript Debugging Tool

In order to provide support to the website owners, Google has offered the following provisions to the expected issues with JavaScript, which the Googlebot comes up with. You can scroll down to check out these issues:

• Googlebots cannot see the content of your website like the other internet users if theresources, including JavaScript or CSS are blocked. If you want proper indexing and crawling of the content by the Googlebots, retrieving of the JavaScript and CSS is recommended. For the mobile websites, it is highly recommended.

• There are some websites which cannot handle the amount of crawl requirements and it makes a bad effect on the website because the Googlebots cannot render the content of the web pages. In order to avoid this issue, one must have the servers which can index the content.

• According to Google, it is always good if you let your website to breakdown in a better way. It will enable the internet users to enjoy thecontent, even if the browser they are using is not in sync with the implementations of JavaScript. If the users have turned the JavaScript off they will be able to enjoy the content.

• There are chances that the JavaScript is complex and it becomes tough to index it, the new debugging tool will render the pages of the website in this situation also.

• Google also says that there are situations when JavaScript deletes the essential text from the web pages and because of this it becomes tough to index the pages.

If you run your website with JavaScript and you think the above mentioned issues can hamper your website’s visibility to the Googlebot, you can try the Google’s JavaScript debugging tool which is expected to be on shelves anytime sooner.

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