Why Android is The Most Preferred Technology for Smartphone?

Most mobile application development services these days prefer using the Android technology for smartphones. It has become more of a need than a luxury. It is getting highly popular in the world of smartphones. Android app development has now become an important tool for developing mobile applications. There are many operating systems that are available these days, but Android is the preferred option as it can be handled easily. It is also easy to implement as it is an open source based application. The SDK which is facilitated by the Android helps developers start creating and working on apps immediately, and these apps can be implemented faster.


Android is a Google product and the Open Handset Alliance group owns it. The mobile platform comprises an operating system, the middle ware, SDK and main applications. The SDK allows developers with the tools and APIs required for development tasks. The distribution platform is open which helps Android developers create the applications and distribute them freely over the internet.


Here are the major reasons why Android is a preferred technology for smartphones:

1. Android is Linux based which makes the development environment and core functionality of your mobile device easily accessible
2. It helps in fast gathering of information, also providing the appropriate information that is sought
3. The cycle is considerably reduced
4. The development tools are also easy to use
5. The services and information are easily provided to the developers
6. Rich browser facilities, allowing the developer to provide enhanced services


Android applications can be distributed in many ways. The Android market is a third party application store where you can look through and download apps that are published by third party developers hosted on the Android Market. You can even create your own distribution channels. A web application development company prefers this platform as there are over 300000 apps available for Android in the market. This proves the popularity that Android enjoys.


Android is perfectly suitable for inter-process and inter-application architectures. This is known as ‘convergence’ in the field of communication. The development tools for this platform are less expensive too. You can actually develop applications without spending a penny with Orion eSolutions.