The #1 mistake hosting companies make for MySQL servers

If you have outsourced your server hosting to a hosting provider company is not paying attention and installing 32-bit GNU/Linux operating systems on 64-bit hardware, you surely need help as it requires 64-bit OS. Your hosting provider might suggest you to install 8 or 16 GB memory, but when the load on memory increases on MySQL, it needs single process. Chances are, in such situation that you will have to go through the hassle of getting the entire OS build from beginning. To save the time, you will be suggested to invest on another server. To get it operational, you will be asked to use the other server while the other server will undergo the rebuilding process. It is a tedious, expensive, time killing and absurd thing to do.

Such an issue is common, but still the hosting providers make this mistake. Intentional or not, but the hosting companies are making this mistake often. It not only misguides the client, who has a little knowledge of MySQL servers but sets their budget on fire. Such an expense comes when the client is least prepared and at that time they have no choice left. This is a silly mistake which can be taken care of easily. If you are a novice in the field, make sure your hosting provider is not misleading you. Take this article as a tip and be a smart website owner in this smart age. It is not at all tough to find 64-bit hardware and operating systems, even if you are given a choice to save money by investing in 32-bit hardware and OS, make the best choice and do not fall for the traps.