Is PHP still relevant for web development?

It is with the help of an efficient programming solution that high quality and interactive websites are created. With a rise in the software application standards, the complexity of the technology keeps ascending as well.

There are numerous efficient web programming languages available in the market. Every one of them has its advantages and specific features. Yet, PHP is one language that still empowers maximum websites to this day as a dynamic solution.

Many huge social media and ECommerce companies who have created their websites using this language are as yet using it. It is one of the most dominant server-side programming solutions on the internet. We can see some of the best web application development companies in India working with this language because of its ability to deliver exceptional functionality, accessibility, and viability at a cost-effective price. 

The websites that are built using PHP are much more advanced because of the excellent performance of the language. For this reason, over 78% of the server-side web development market share is taken over by PHP. In addition to this, the powerful frameworks integration, database support, customized & minimized coding and memory development benefits of PHP offer the best solutions.

Given underneath are some of the reasons that explain why is PHP still relevant for web development?

open source


The fundamental thing to know about PHP is the fact that it is completely free. A large and friendly community of web developers work hard to overcome all the challenges faced at the time of coding.

In addition to using this language every day, they also work to bring new enhancements on a daily basis. The programmers can learn the nuances of this language faster and implement the best solutions at the earliest.

More than anything, PHP comes with its own support, unlike most other programming languages. This is a highlight that leads to the introduction of new frameworks, tools, and components that make PHP still relevant for web development.

php is simple


Even for the beginners in the field of web development, PHP is considered to be the most ideal solution. With its use, coding is like forming an article for a PC. The only difference is that the article is written using some codes which are responsible to run a website.

Coding is entirely simple due to qualities like that of associative suggestions and dynamic method of typing. Despite being based on languages like C and Java, the syntax of PHP is pretty logical and well managed.

Since it is easy to learn and use, this is why it is preferred over other languages when it comes to web development.

exceptional design


The architecture and the design of programming languages are of extreme importance. Working with a language seems no longer valuable if the architecture isn’t great.

PHP works incredibly quickly on the web essentially because of the reason that it is intended for it. It has a remarkable design that also makes it highly efficient and useful for enterprise solutions. This is why we see an increasing trend of choosing PHP for web development.

adaptive content


PHP has the advantage of adaptive content with CMS customization. This is a huge necessity for the developers of a web application development company. The benefit of this is that it helps in creating personalized content that provides a better user experience. 

This is conceivable if the code of the website can be redone and coordinated with the assistance of CMS. Any software professional who wants to build a responsive website can use this language and build something exceptional with the help of its dynamic functions.


The standard library facility of PHP makes it better than other programming languages. Libraries are important to make the data processing ability easy and quick.

They provide exemplary support in things like URL parsing, HTTP fetching, database drivers and regular expressions. These advantages make it very easy to work with PHP.


Most users leave a website that takes more than 3-5 seconds to load. For this reason, developers are always on the lookout for new ways to make sure that the visitors stay engaged.

PHP enhances the website loading speed remarkably. The facility of a just in time engine helps to integrate the code into the machine language to produce improved results.


The flexibility of PHP makes it easy for web developers to work with it during the web application development process. It is to make the necessary transformations to the code at the time of different stages. It is also possible to add changes at any time to make the websites more functional and engaging.

There is no need for the programmers to write a fresh code or command functions right from the scratch for accomplishing the task. Changes can be made simply to the existing code by modifying the command functions for adding new features to the website.


PHP has been and is being utilized by many high traffic sites. It is likewise utilized by designers all over the world for web programming. The software engineers have a choice for making sites by installing the code into HTML.

The multi powerful frameworks for making web applications can likewise be benefited from at any given time. Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook websites started with this language and are still using it for the scalability that it provides.


PHP is a language that can be well utilized to build any kind of website. Right from landing pages and simple websites to complex ones, PHP is enough for making any website. User-friendliness, scalability, flexibility, multiple integration opportunities, and high speed are some of the important reasons why PHP is one of the dominant web development languages.

Thus, it can be easily concluded that PHP is still relevant for web development with the advantages it brings. It is one of the most sought after solutions because its features and highlights make it extremely important.

It is easy to understand and has a vigorous nature which makes it lead the programming arena through and through. Selecting it for website development is going to offer amazing results to build a website for any kind of business.


A well-tended, effective and efficient website development process is a much-needed boost required for the success of a business. It is because of a good development process handled by a credible website development company that a prominent, engaging and high-quality website can be created. With a significant rise in the standards of creating website applications, the complexity and benefits of the technology have been rising as well.

There are multiple website programming languages that are presently available in the market. Each one of them is full of significant pros & cons and some features that make these languages stand out. Yet, until this data, PHP is one of those website programming languages that are used in empowering multiple websites with the advantages and features that it offers. It is one of the most commonly used web programming languages because it leads to amazing results.

There are numerous social media and eCommerce companies that have gone a step ahead in the creation of their websites with PHP and they are still utilizing it. It is a highly preferred, used and acknowledged server-side programming languages on the Internet. The main reason for this is its ability to deliver amazing functionalities, viability, and accessibility at an affordable price.

 All the websites that are created using PHP are way more advanced and effective because of the exceptional features offered by this language. This importance of PHP is the reason why around 80% of the server-side web development is done with PHP. Also, the amazing framework integration, database support, customizing features, minimal coding and memory development benefits of PHP provide the best solutions.

benefits of php in development

Given below are some of the most important reasons or benefits of the PHP framework in the website development projects. Have a look at them one by one to gain an in-depth understanding of these benefits: 


PHP is an open-source language that is also free of cost. It helps the developers by getting installed quickly and reliably because it is always ready for use. There are many PHP frameworks and developers have a choice to work with anyone they like.

The respective tools and features associated with that framework will be available easily. As it is an open-source language, it makes the entire process of web development much faster and leads to great results.


In addition to the developers who are experienced and have detailed knowledge, PHP programming is also preferred by the newcomers in web development companies. The entire process of coding is pretty similar can be best described as writing an article for a computer.

The primary difference in coding done by a PHP development company is that the article is written with the help of some codes which are used for running a website. Coding in this language is extremely simple because it includes some great features like associative suggestions and dynamic typing methods. This is the reason why it is preferred over other languages.  Developers get empowered because it is easy to understand and code in PHP. This makes their code less prone to errors and leads to better results.


Two things that make a programming language stand out are the architecture and the design elements. In fact, choosing to work with the right language will not be valuable in case the architecture will be not great to work with. This is where PHP stands distinguished as compared to other languages.

It works amazingly quick on the Internet because of one simple reason which is that it is made and optimized for the internet. The amazing design and functionality of PHP make it extremely efficient and helpful for enterprise website solutions. Therefore, the entire task of website development progresses seamlessly.


PHP has a benefit of content customization with the CMS features and integration. This is an important benefit for companies. The advantage of content customization assists in creating personalized content for the clients with the main reason for offering them a better user experience.

PHP allows the website content to be reworked and coordinated with the help of CMS features. The web developers who wish to create a responsive and attractive website can utilize PHP to create something the best possible option with the assistance of dynamic functions.


The standard library importance of PHP makes it highly preferred as compared to other programming languages. These libraries are significant to make the data process feature of a programming language simple and quick.

They offer exceptional support in managing things like URL parsing, database drivers, regular expressions and HTTP fetching. This advantage makes it very simple to code with the help of PHP. Coding can be facilitated to produce effect-oriented results.amazing php performance


The average time for retaining the users on a website ranges from 3 to 5 seconds. If the website takes more than that to load, there are high chances that the user might leave. For this reason, the developers are always looking out for new methods to ensure that the visitors stay engaged.

The loading speed can be enhanced remarkably with the assistance of PHP. It is one of the fastest programming languages. It can be easily loaded on the Internet with optimal data speed. This facility of the just in time engine assists in integrating the PHP code into the machine language to generate amazing results.

Most applications take long in connecting the database and fetching it after some queries. As compared to other languages, PHP does not face this problem because it can load very quickly. This speed offers the developer an edge to carry on with the website development with success.


 PHP is highly flexible and that makes it one of the most efficient programming languages to work with. One can make necessary changes to the code during any stage to get the desired results. It is pretty possible to add these changes at any time when they want to make websites more functional and engaging.

Also, this flexibility makes the process of website development pretty flexible towards the database connectivity. The user may prefer to sync any one of the chosen databases out of MySQL, Postgress, SQLite, Oracle, DB2 as backend support.

Due to this feature, PHP and MySQL are one of the most adopted combinations used for the development of e-commerce applications such as Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management, etc.


PHP has been used as one of the most popular programming languages which are now known as one of the most popular high traffic websites. It is used by designers and developers all over the world when it comes to website programming.

The powerful frameworks of PHP used for creating website applications can be benefitted from at any given time. The websites like Amazon, Website, Facebook were started on PHP and are still using PHP until this date for the wide range of benefits it provides.


php benefits

With the benefits of PHP framework listed above, there is absolutely no doubt in the fact that PHP is the most dominant and highly used web programming language. Being one of the most sought after languages the web developers used the best it has to offer for their advantage. In addition to being easy to understand and dynamic in nature, it makes leading the programming world in absolute detail. Choosing PHP for the process of website development will offer the best possible results to create a website for any kind of brand.

Orion eSolutions is the best PHP development company that has a team of skilled, experienced and certified developers who work with PHP to create amazing results that redefine the entire shape of website branding. Using the features and tools of this language, we have a wide experience in coming up with the best results for website development.



Why Hiring A Dedicated Top PHP Developers

Although PHP is somewhat of an old programming language, it is considered to be highly efficient, quick, and less prone to errors when it comes to website development. With so many scripting languages and frameworks in the market, PHP still remains one of the top programming languages for successfully completing new projects.

The major popularity of PHP is attributed to three main reasons, the primary is that the developers can do almost anything with PHP, the countless number of frameworks it offers and the fact its wide adoption in educating students. With this importance being stated clearly, there is no wonder why there is a constant demand for hiring professional PHP developers.

Here we will look at some of the most important things that must be considered while hiring a PHP developer and why you should hire one at all.

Let us begin with some reasons why you should hire top PHP developers:

    One of the major reasons why you should go for hiring a PHP developer is the high-quality development services that they can offer at affordable prices. This is even more beneficial for all start-ups working on a cost-effective budget.
    In case you go for hiring qualified web developers from the best web development companies then you can get the benefits of their flexible working skills. These developers are extremely skilled and they do complete the project at hand with immense agility.
    The innovation that a PHP developer can bring to the table is like no other. They will put the absolute best practices to use to come up with a genuine, innovative, and passionate approach for tackling the development of the project. These standpoints are the most necessary things that must be looked for while looking for and choosing a developer.
    Being adept with profound technical expertise is important for succeeding at PHP web development projects. If you hire a professional PHP web developer then you can gain maximum benefits from their profound knowledge and expertise. This can go far and beyond in developing a complex PHP application as easily as possible.
    Successful execution of your website is important for the success of your enterprise. A PHP developer will be your reliable partner in success when it comes to developing a functional website.
    PHP development is backed by professional support from a talented community of developers from around the world. Any query, module, codes, or training problem can be looked into and solved collectively. This community engagement goes a long way in making sure that the developer does a good job.
    At the time of execution of the project, the PHP developers adhere to the timeline strictly and they work to achieve timely submission of the project. This further increases the technical assistance and offers the power to come out even stronger by overcoming all the challenges. The results that come out finally are exceptional.

 After having an in-depth look into why is PHP the best choice for your project, the next thing is to figure out the process of hiring the right professional. Go through all the points given below to find out how you should hire the right developer. These points will assist you in making optimal and strategic decisions with your technology stack.


Since you already know that there are many PHP frameworks, the most important thing that you need to be clear about is the stage of your project and how soon it will be developed. In case you want something within weeks then it will be smart to go with raw PHP. 

The advantage of this will be there will be many developers who will be ready to take on the project instantly and deliver it quickly. However, the disadvantage is other than the person you choose, no one will be able to understand or work with the code and it will become very difficult to upgrade the application. This might lead to a situation in the future where you will have to scrap the entire code completely and rewrite it.  

In case you wish to avoid any such problems and you are looking for a long term solution then it is important to go for using a PHP framework. Irrespective of which option you may choose, raw PHP, or PHP frameworks with efficient code, you must know what makes them different and what they can mean for your project. 

A very common mistake that a non-technical person can make is paying for a non-scalable code. Avoid this situation if you don’t want to limit your options.


It is very important to choose which PHP framework you will go with before you can begin with the development process. 

In case you are posting a requirement for a developer on an online freelancing website or a job platform without exquisite specifications then your inbox will be full of multiple submissions each of them claiming that they are the best. 

If you want to decide which framework is the best one then do some research on the basis of price and the benefits offered by each of them. This will help you choose the best possible option to execute your project. 

Also, hiring a professional for a few hours is a smart thing to do. You can also a step ahead by taking expert consultation on how to find out which framework can work the best for your project.



After settling on a framework, you must come up with a specific description for hiring a PHP developer. You must describe your goals precisely by listing the functionalities that are important to you. For example; in case you want to send prompt emails to your users from the beginning, you must mention the same in your description. 

You must understand that PHP frameworks work similarly to the CMS platforms where you will have multiple functionalities at your disposal. Greater the project specifications you will mention, the better will the chances of hiring a suitable, skilled, and experienced developer. 

The developers who will apply for the job will know if they can be of any use for your project. Other than these functions, also consider the plan that you will follow after the project gets delivered. See if there will be any more stuff to add and when will you need maintenance. Paying attention to all these things will make it very easy to hire top PHP developers to manage your project.

hire top php developers


While going about the hiring process, it is always advisable to go for an experienced developer as compared to an amateur. When it comes to coding, the greater the number of projects a developer has completed, the better will be the knowledge base of that professional. 

This is exactly where the best PHP development company will stand out as compared to the individual developers. These companies are more than likely to have a team of different developers who bring varied experiences to the table. This ultimately adds up to the total value provided by them.


One of the most important aspects that must be paid attention to while hiring a PHP developer is to have a look into the kind of projects they have delivered successfully. 

If you can then get to know the opinion of the previous clients about them, the website’s performance, and the additional details to gain in-depth knowledge about the development process. The mere fact that some developers work on multiple projects at the same time while giving you a good idea about the number of completed projects.


The process of web development is not just limited to creating a functional website, it is much more than that. Website development is a way of reaching users by resonating with them. 

The developers who have the ability to let their innovative side do the talking will be much more proficient as compared to others. The quality of the website always gains more attention. Therefore, make sure that you hire developers who can relate to your brand.


Although PHP is used as a server-side language, it is desirable to add more layers to the web pages. This could very well be in terms of the interactive quotient, uses, or the technology of the website. Ensure that the professional you choose has practical experience in combining the best features. 

Additionally, the person or web development company that has a wide knowledge of different frameworks like HTML, XHTML, MySQL, Zend, CakePHP should be preferred. A fine combination of these technologies will help to come up with the best solutions.


It is true that hiring an experienced top PHP developers will give you maximum returns with minimum investments. Multiple PHP frameworks launched in recent times have made the process of development much more efficient and safer. Make sure that you know just what you need so that you can know which framework will suit your project the best.

Post getting clarity about all these things it will be easy to hire a suitable developer for your project. Also, contemplate the quality that you are expecting from your application and the total cost that will be involved. The main concern is getting maximum profits from your inputs. This will be possible only if you follow an optimal strategy of choosing a suitable developer.

Orion e-Solutions is a web application development company that was started with a handful of people sharing a common aim of providing exceptional IT services. It has now scaled up to an inclusive company that deals with software web and mobile development. The developers working at Orion e-solutions work to integrate design, marketing, and technology for the web to drive the best possible results for the clients.

PHP VS ASP.NET: Which Platform to Choose for Web Development?

With all the programming languages available for a web developer, the market of languages is dominated by two famous and competing languages: PHP vs ASP.NET.

Though any of these two platforms is suitable to complete any project, both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The real struggle lies in deciding which suits better for the web developing needs of a company.

Here’s a little snippet describing PHP:

Acronym for “Hypertext Preprocessor,” PHP is an open-source programming language which can be embedded into HTML for developing better web-based projects.

Since PHP allows simple and easy techniques, it is easy to learn and great for beginners.

PHP is also great for programming expert or professional programmers as it offers many advanced features too. Many renowned internet giants have used PHP as a programming language.

Now, let us explore ASP. NET a bit:

ASP.NET is a framework, written in either language – VB script or C#. It is also a server-side scripting language., ASP.NET is backed by Microsoft and provides web development tools to create dynamic web pages, web solutions, and web applications.

The frameworks of ASP.NET are written in the .NET language and support Visual Basic.NET, JavaScript.NET, and programming languages such as  Pearl and Python.

In this article, we will talk about both the programming languages and breakdown the terms for better understanding and discuss which is better ASP.NET or PHP.

Here’s the tabular differentiation to give you some idea of the differences based on certain aspects:

Free, Cross-platform, Open source framework used for building web apps. Backed by MicrosoftTypeServer-side scripting language created by Rasmus Lerdorf
Medium to large size enterprise appsSizeSmall to  web solutions
Freely available over the internetCostFreely available over the internet
Focussed on functionalities and securitiesSolutionsFocused on user interface and client facing
Community with fewer developersCommunityCommunity with more developers (because it is easy to learn)
Fast enough for Desktop applicationsSpeedComparatively slow
Highly SecureSecurityFewer built-in security features than .NET
Doesn’t allow CustomizationCustomization  Allows     customization


Both PHP and ASP.NET provide multiple advantages and at the same time have some disadvantages. So, if we ask straight away that which is better then, it would be hard to answer because both PHP and ASP.NET offers certain advantages and drawbacks too.

In order to decide which one suits your project needs better,  you need to compare them carefully.

Below, we are going to discuss some aspects which will describe in detail ASP.NET VS PHP and which is better.

1. Performance


What do you understand by the performance of a web tool?

Well, often, it is determined by how effectively the scripts and the server are interacting between the databases.

In case, you picked PHP for your web application then it will require LAMP as technology stack which means Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The LAMP stack ensures high performance which you are looking for!

Well, a fact here is that Linux Operating System and ext4 file system provides a higher I/O performance as opposed to Windows and NTFS file system.

Hence here, it can be concluded that a PHP application running on Linux OS has greater chances of performing better than the ASP.Net application being hosted on a Windows OS.

Also, with PHP you can enjoy two advantages i.e. speed and performance, ASP.Net, on the other hand, exhibits ‘ok’ performance.

2. Market Share



The major difference between PHP vs ASP.NET is its popularity and its market share.

If we consider BuiltWith‘s trends then, PHP has a clear edge in terms of popularity. Till mid-2019, PHP has 67% shares among the TOP MILLION WEBSITES whereas ASP.NET has shares less than 50%.

Similarly, in the TOP 100K WEBSITES, once again PHP wins by 57% and ASP.NET with 37%.

Even with TOP 10K WEBSITES, PHP won by acquiring 53% of market share and 37% for ASP.NET.

Clearly, PHP is a winner in regard to popularity, one reason being “ease of learning”

3. Security


Another big difference between PHP and ASP.NET is security features that they offer. While both the platforms proffer security options, it is important to know which ones are better.

ASP.NET has some robust and built-in security features like SQL injection, which means ASP.NET is capable of doing the work automatically for you. PHP, on the other hand, provides you with just the tools.

So, in this huge feature battle, ASP.NET defeats PHP.


4. Websites Built With PHP & ASP.NET

As discussed in the earlier section of Popularity that websites built with PHP are ranked on top.  But to provide you with a wider to have a better judgment of which platform helps in the production of great web products.

Websites built using PHP

  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Flickr
  • iStockPhoto
  • Yahoo!
  • Tumblr
  • MailChimp

Websites built using ASP.NET

  • Microsoft
  • DELL
  • GoDaddy
  • Visual Studio
  • Wild Tangent

5. Speed:

Undoubtedly, ASP.NET can never beat PHP speed. This is because PHP doesn’t take many resources of your computer system on which it is installed.

Also, if it comes to hosting then, PHP doesn’t create much of a mess. It is really easy and simple to host PHP and even several hosts are all-time ready to host PHP.

Besides, when you plan to use PHP with other software then, don’t worry!

Yes, because it will never slow down other processes. PHP will maintain the speed instead.

6. Tools and Editors

It is observed that many PHP developers rather than implementing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like to use text editors e.g. the VIM and Notepad++.

In case, you prefer to work with an IDE while working with PHP then, you can get great help from the free editors like “Eclipse”

ASP.NET, on the other hand, is backed by various IDEs but here the limitation is that you can only use with Microsoft Visual Studio. It doesn’t come free but offers an ample amount of features and is undeniably one of the most flexible IDEs.

Is it easy to learn?

Well, beginners might find it difficult because it is written in C#, which is an extension to C language. And, as known the syntax of C is a bit complicated to interpret.

Whereas PHP is easy and simple to learn for there are just a few lines of code.


7. Customizations:

All the developers enjoy the freedom of creation and why not…innovation has no limits.

PHP offers you the freedom and of customization and develop a web product your way.

PHP is open-source and developers would agree that there shouldn’t be restrictions. PHP gives you the freedom to code using text editors like- the Emacs, Bluefish, Notebook++,  jEdit, or even the Notepad that you use.

But, there is such freedom with ASP.NET rather you are only allowed to use Microsoft Visual Studio.

There’s one more exciting feature about using PHP and that it is not inclined on any OS.

It can be run on any platform like-

  • Unix
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS




If you even a little about PHP then, you might know that PHP is popular than ASP.NET and its community is also larger than ASP.NET.

This fact becomes more prominent with the number of frameworks PHP has. And, these frameworks are only making the PHP community even larger.

Therefore, whenever in doubt, or when trying to solve things like session management, code reuse or the access libraries of the database, various PHP frameworks can be of great help.

The popular PHP Frameworks and this includes:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Zend
  • Symphony
  • Phalcon
  • Yii

For ASP.NET, it is a framework in itself!

9. Cost-wise which is better, ASP.NET or PHP?

Well, in the recent web development aspect PHP and ASP.NET are both freely available but ASP.NET might require some hosting fee.

But, we have already mentioned all the points which is better and why so now, it is up to you to choose the language that suits your needs.



Both PHP and ASP.NET provide multiple advantages and at the same time has some disadvantages. 

In order to decide which one suits your project needs better,  you need to compare them carefully.

The article above is the complete contrast which might help you in knowing PHP VS ASP.NET: Which Programming Language to Choose for Web Development?

In case, you are seeking for exemplary web products developed with any of the aforementioned platforms then, Orion eSolutions is popular for its exceptional IT solutions. Check out the services.