The main purpose of front end web development is to ensure that the websites come out with a great design and a user experience. As opposed to the front end web development, the back end developers are mainly in charge of implementing the other significant tasks such as some logical operations on the data while also making sure that the data is stored at the right places in the database.

PHP is considered to be one of the most popular platforms when it comes to back end development. It has numerous frameworks that make the entire process much faster by packaging the complex functionalities into a couple of lines in the code.

That being said, it is important to choose the correct PHP development framework for developing a web application while analyzing different options available in the market. More often than not, all the seasoned PHP web developers prefer using the Laravel framework.

Since Laravel offers many benefits, the demand to hire the laravel developers keeps increasing. Some of the reasons why it is popular and highly preferred are:

  • AUTHORIZATION: Laravel enables the simple implementation of authorization techniques while making the configuration process exceptionally easy. This further provides a simple way to organize the authorization logic and control access to the resources.
  • OBJECT-ORIENTED LIBRARIES: The most important reason that makes Laravel a highly selected option amongst the developers is the fact that it comes with object-oriented libraries in addition to the previous pre-installed libraries which are not found easily in other PHP frameworks. One such library is called the authentication library. It comes with many advanced features such as checking active users, password reset, encryption, etc.
  • MVC ARCHITECTURE: Laravel comes with an MVC architecture which ensures that there is clarity between logic and presentation. It assists in enhancing the performance and also improves the documentation. Additionally, multiple built-in technologies make the programming much simpler.
  • ARTISAN TOOL: Laravel comes with a built-in tool called Artisan. It interacts with the framework using a command line which assumes the responsibility of creating and handling the Laravel project environment. Artisan also helps with command lines by automating some of the major repetitive and nonproductive programming tasks that can otherwise be difficult for the developers.
  • SECURITY: Finally, security is another very important aspect of web application development. Laravel for web development takes care of the security issues within the framework. This particular feature makes Laravel a preferred choice among web developers.

Now that we have understood the important benefits of Laravel that make the web application development simple, let us now jump to the criteria that should be used while finding an answer to the question, “how to hire a Laravel developer.”? Laravel is a highly capable platform that comes with multiple features that can handle any project.

In order to simplify the process of web application development, it is important to hire an expert laravel developer. Below are some of the important points:

  1. DEDICATED DEVELOPER: The first and the foremost quality that you should assess when you hire a laravel developer is dedication. With commitment comes great expertise. The developer that you hire should be able to handle all the projects with complete dedication.
  2. TECHNICALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE: When you hire a Laravel developer, another important thing that you must check is the technical knowledge of the professional. The person must be aware of all the trends in the technology and should be able to handle any technical issues occurring in the project.
  3. EXPERIENCE: Make sure that the past experience of the Laravel developer is assessed thoroughly before the final hiring takes place. Check the portfolio of the developer in complete detail and take a test to see if the professional has the capability to manage the project requirements. In addition, you must also discuss the business needs, functionalities, and technology preferences with the developer. It is necessary that the developer is made aware of the business strategy and the main purpose of the project.
  4. ESTIMATED TIME AND DELIVERY: Set the timelines of the project and communicate the same to the developer while you are hiring. Inquire if they have what it takes to complete the web development process within the decided time because the delivery dates of the project should not be compromised. This way, timely rework will also be done in case there a need arises.


To sum it all up, when you hire an expert Laravel developer, make sure that they have a thorough knowledge of working with the PHP frameworks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and the other required programming languages as well. They must also be proficient in front end and back end development, integrating payment gateways, CRM software applications, etc.

In addition to expertise and a knowledgeable team of developers, it is important that the aforementioned qualities are paid attention to before the hiring takes place. This way, chances of success will become all the better.


A programming model that assists building and running software applications for Windows, Windows Servers, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone, XML Web services, etc., .NET is a framework that is developed and runs on Microsoft Windows. It consists of a large class library called Framework Class Library along with a Common Language Runtime that is responsible for providing language interoperability across multiple programming languages.

Essentially, the .NET framework was written to overcome many problems of application development including the increased development time, inability to change applications quickly, ease of deployment, high cost of software ownership, etc.

The return on investments or profits decides the success or failure of a project. Two important aspects of return on investments are the total time taken and the initial investments and .NET framework is a framework that significantly reduces the developmental and operational cost of an IT organization. This is why DOT NET is used and highly preferred by web developers.

In this blog, we look at some of the reasons that explain why dot net framework is a preferred choice of web development companies.


The DOT NET framework works on the principle of object-oriented programming which basically eliminates all unnecessary codes while involving much less coding time for the developers. 

In addition, .NET consists of reusable codes and many other reusable components which further translate into lesser coding time and subsequently, a reduced cost to develop applications.


With benefits like no-impact applications, controlled code sharing, side by side versioning, and partially trusted code, the .NET framework is one of the best things that make the deployment much faster and easier. This is what makes DOT NET the best framework. 

The code execution environment assists a safe code execution while reducing conflicts in software deployment and versioning with a reduced number of performance problems.


Ever since its release in the year 2002, DOT NET has been used to develop multiple applications. The fact that it is supported by Microsoft makes it one of the most reliable frameworks. 

Its performance on Microsoft Windows Server is highly secure and reliable which makes it to another why DOT NET is used.


Mobility is one of the most important aspects of the digital world. So much so that it is redefining the industries, societies, and the economies of the world. This fact makes it extremely obvious that almost all businesses have a common vision of being connected with a wider audience so they can acquire more and more customers while generating maximum revenues. 

An important challenge in this scenario is to address the consumers who are using new devices while making them adapt to new versions, platforms, or operating systems every day. DOT NET is one of the most highly varied frameworks that fit in well with the custom mobile application development. The applications that are created with this technology can run on multiple devices with the help of using and reusing different components.


DOT NET is very easily extensible because it doesn’t bind itself to a specific programming language. In case one aspires to have an interoperable application that seamlessly brings user experience over multiple platforms then DOT NET can play a great role. 

It is a modular framework that enables web developers to create web applications quickly. DOT NET application development and execution can work across Windows, MAC, Linux in complete sync. Additionally, DOT NET development can also take place in different languages including C#, VB.NET, C++, etc. 


The reason why DOT NET is used majorly is that it provides enhanced application security with web applications being developed using ASP.NET having common Windows confirmation and configuration. 

The managed code and CLR offers security features like the role-based security and code access security that make DOT NET very safe.


Another popular reason what makes DOT NET the best framework is the fact it used for the web services that provide a solution for executing the SOA architecture. 

With the help of web services, applications designed in different programming languages can be used to communicate and transmit data with standard Internet protocols.


The ability of DOT NET to process all kinds of XML documents and write any format of file with simplicity and speed while providing multiple routes for integration.


In simple words, DOT NET streamlines the development process with simple, easy, and powerful tools that allow web developers to build a great application. It is a framework that enables seamless integration with a pre-existing infrastructure while accommodating easily to scale up the built-in security standards that guarantee a safe application. This is why DOT NET is used to build strong applications with exceptional performance.



Numerous companies are beginning to apply to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on web development. A reliable web development company in India will understand that in addition to the technological advancement that AI brings, it is also helpful in improving the web design and development a lot more. These innovations are primarily used for the fundamental purpose of transforming the business in new ways that essentially begins to change the way organizations compete, evolve and operate.

The impact of artificial intelligence on web development is being used for the advantage of multiple domains. Until some time, it was only limited to the movies. However, this is not the case anymore. The consistent innovations in the field of AI are bringing drastic changes in the field of innovation.


One of the best things artificial intelligence is the fact it enables the machines to perform human-like tasks, learn from experience and easily adjust to the new ways. Mostly, AI depends on natural language processing and learning. The computers can be programmed and functioned to fulfill some tasks with these technologies. These tasks require a great amount of data processing and recognition and the impact of artificial intelligence on web development makes everything much easier.


Many individuals, especially the ones who don’t know much about artificial intelligence are mostly cloudy with a misconception that AI is about automating different tasks. A special note must be taken of the fact that artificial intelligence is used for the fundamental purpose of completing tasks that need data precision.

AI is used for enhancing the capabilities of some projects and applications. The AI bots, smart machines, and automation can be coupled with the data for streamlining different processes at the workplace. Processes such as image classification, deep learning and object recognition are also becoming pretty accurate with artificial intelligence.


The applications made with artificial intelligence have the ability to assist the website development companies with issues related to security, quality analysis, user experience and much more. Most web development companies in India use this technology by making the most of AI-based solutions for security and test integration. Additionally, companies can also incorporate advanced algorithms for enhancing user retention and user experience.

AI-based solutions can be used to boost website performance on a remarkable scale. Additionally, the website responsiveness can also be checked with the different types of devices. There are a couple of reasons why companies put in extra efforts to create AI-based tools or for that matter applications which benefit the web design and development professionals.

With the number of advantages that AI offers, more and more companies are expected to implement AI-based solutions into their projects. The implementation of AI in the field of website design and development helps the website owners to understand the needs of the users well enough.

In turn, this helps to offer the right products that match the requirements of the potential clients and the existing customers.


Any technology that is further empowered with AI has the ability to enforce user engagement and experience to an enhanced level. Although this is achieved by an actual conversation of adapting actions and responses, AI makes it possible to respond to the customers while helping them know more about the product and service.

The AI-based algorithms help in carrying out tasks that are thought of as boring or repetitive. This does not just increase the speed but it also helps in bringing accuracy without any further adjustments in the data.


A large number of internet users desire to get information quickly and simply. Introducing Artificial intelligence in web design and development makes the website performance natural, high and effective.

If the website is that of an e-commerce store then AI makes it easy to communicate with shoppers which in turn eliminates any communication barriers while making online shopping a much better and pleasant experience. In addition, AI makes the customer experience absolutely personalized. Therefore, there is no doubt in the fact AI is one of the most effective ways of enhancing web design and development.



Complete comparision between AngularJS and VueJS

One of the most significant decisions to make while developing a new application is which front-end technology will serve best? The JavaScript frameworks are quite popular when it comes to some of the biggest tech giants making the most of their benefits during web application development. Because there are so many frameworks available, the web app developers always need to be sure about their choice.

This ever-evolving and the technology-efficient world need web application developers to develop an interactive web application for different businesses. Regardless of whether you are a web app developer or a business owner, your tech guide must be kept handy so that you make better decisions.

Most web application development companies in India increasingly argue over choosing the best tool for JavaScript web applications. In an attempt to solve this confusion we are here with a blog on AngularJS vs VueJS: Which one is the best?

Here, we will compare both these frameworks on multiple factors. In addition, we will also find out what is it that makes these frameworks stand apart and how are they useful in the world of web application development.


Angular is an open-source framework that was developed by Google in the year 2016. It focuses majorly on developing dynamic websites and applications. It is a TypeScript framework that is based on the MVC architecture and falls under the category of MEAN stack. Additionally, it offers a wide range of code editors.

To put this in simple terms, Angular is one of the heaviest and highly functional frameworks having a steep learning curve. Therefore, to get the best functionality of this framework while creating dynamic, large scale and real-time applications, it is necessary to hire angular developers.


Until recently, Vue has been emerging as a very popular framework that is being increasingly used for front end development while facilitating faster and error-free performance. Developed in the year 2014, Vue promises to offer higher customizability and user-friendliness for the new learners.

It is based on the Virtual DOM architecture since it is capable of focusing a lot more on the application features as opposed to writing lengthy codes. In addition, Vue also enables server-side rendering while boosting the page execution on the client-side. This eventually ends up in offering a highly rich user experience.


  • INTEGRATION: Angular is a JavaScript framework that enables the web development process to become much easier. This is because Angular allows easy integration with third-party components and other different JavaScript-based technologies. As opposed to this, Vue is a rather versatile and pretty flexible framework. It helps in facilitating the integration of front end libraries very easily.
  • DEVELOPMENT COMPLICATION: Angular is a lot more complex as compared to Vue in terms of the design and API. If it is a nontrivial application development then it can take a lot more time with Angular as compared to Vue. The development of a nontrivial application takes a lesser time while integrating with Vue. In terms of design and API, Vue is much simpler.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Angular is known to be one of the most highly flexible frameworks since it provides official support to multiple systems without any limitations or restrictions. On the other hand, if we talk about Vue then it is not as flexible as Angular. It is rather pretty rigid. Vue requires web developers to abide by some rules while working on the application. It also provides flexibility for modular solutions.
  • PERFORMANCE: In terms of performance, Angular has been doing pretty well until now. It is well known for offering one of the fastest performances. Irrespective of whatever the platform might be, Angular offers the same metrics almost everywhere. When it comes to performance, Vue is also not much different than Angular. Rather, it also delivers the same performance. Therefore, both of these frameworks perform on different kinds of issues while at the same time addressing the important issues.
  • TWO-WAY BINDING: Angular uses the process of two-way data binding between the scopes. Moreover, it also supports asynchronous services while allowing the developers to create third-party components that could be integrated with the app. In contrast to this, Vue is based on a one-way data flow between the components. It helps in nontrivial web application development quickly.
  • TYPESCRIPT: The learning resources offered by Angular are based on Typescript. This feature helps web developers to boost the process of web application development. Although Vue also has the Typescript functionality but it is not in any use at the present time.


  • Angular works perfectly well when it comes to developing real-time and large scale web applications.
  • It has a great impact while integrating with instant messaging applications.
  • It enables in developing object-oriented programming and a great zeal to learn TypeScript.
  • Angular also helps in easy and reliable scalability.


  • Vue is best suited for developing a single page and a lightweight application.
  • Vue helps high speed and high performance.
  • It is one of the lightest frameworks.
  • Vue has an easy learning curve. Therefore, it is pretty easy to work with it.


Coming down to a final choice between the two, it can be said that both Angular and Vue can be used in the web development of robust applications. Where Angular requires a team of expert developers to create a fully integrated app in lesser time and cost, Vue can be handled by beginners as well and does not a team of experts.

Where Angular is best used for developing a large-sized application with good runtime performance, Vue is suitable for small-sized applications, is easier to download, and facilitates an easy application development phase.

Both these frameworks come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right framework is finally dependent on the requirements of the developer and the project.