Getting started with PHP online

PHP is a looping acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor which in theory is a scripting language extensively used in web development and is exceedingly easy to integrate into HTML. On account of its wide acceptability and ease of use, it is used primarily as an open source general purpose scripting tool. For those who frequently deal with web development, PHP is the go to language that is effortless to handle and provides optimum and customized results. Given the fact that almost the entirety of widgets on a website are created using PHP, it is an indispensable tool to familiarize oneself with.

Considering the importance of PHP, here are some of the best online resources that can help with a thorough and practical knowledge of PHP.

PHP Manual- The most fundamental and extensive tool available to learn PHP, this is actually the official manual interspersed with a host of detailed explanations of the underlying concepts. The interactive nature of the resource makes it an excellent learning platform.

Learn PHP

Killer PHP- Mastering the workable aspects of PHP and in a jiffy is the selling point of this resource. The applied tutorial takes you through the basics swiftly and poses a practical problem solving exercises in conjunction with easy to follow videos enabling a rapid learning.

Killer PHP Imparting the most discernible ways to be trained in PHP while continually updating your knowledge and practical aspects in the sole purpose of this resource. The regularly updated content is in sync with the myriad of techniques to be mastered in PHP and is practically indispensable on account of the numerous discussions and industry best practices on using


Stack Overflow- Stack Overflow is another interactive website that equips one with real time programming concerns and solutions posted by novices and masters of the field, practically providing one with all there is to learn with specific stress on pitfalls and most vital tools.

Stack Overflow

PHP with MySQL Essential Training- Listed as a 11 hour course on, this is about the most inclusive and basic online resource for PHP beginners that provides comprehensive information on what to do with the basics and practical applications including working with MySQL.

While there are countless resources available online, this is a compilation of the most fundamental and the easiest to navigate through with ample hands on application tutorials.

Best Way to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

That time is money is an age old tinsel town adage. However, in today’s world of technology, the phrase holds equally true for the blogging and micro blogging cosmos. Word press as a handy platform is used by thousands of websites and bloggers across the expanse of the globe. Such a wide acceptance of the platform arises from the fact that it is extremely user friendly and convenient to handle. Nevertheless, the platform is un-nervingly slow to load.

A sluggish website that takes ages to load can prove disastrous for your business as it translates to the diminution of your brand’s power and visitor aversion from your website resulting in dilapidated traffic. To overcome this shortcoming of Word Press, here are some simple steps you could employ for sparkling results.

1. Choosing an apt host- Depending upon the traffic you are expecting on your website and the graphic content of your website, your choice of host can well decide the future of your website. Host sharing, while a lucrative concept in terms of incurring costs, can mar the prospects of your website and traffic with the not so uncommon instances of slothful load speeds.

2. Compression of Images- In case of graphic heavy web pages, it is quite normal for the pages to load at a comparatively slower pace. To remedy this, images need to be compressed in a fashion that unwanted meta data and unused colors are separated from indexes, furnishing better outcomes.

3. Optimize Database Tables- Whether accomplished manually using PHP MyAdmin or with the aid of a plugin, optimization of database tables is the most fundamental and efficient way of speeding up your WordPress website. The purpose is as simple as cleaning junk from the website and freeing space for a better performance.

4. Using a content delivery network- Another elementary process to be adopted for speeding up the load time is the using a CDN that allows hosting of files across a range of bandwidths and an extensive network of servers across the globe which effectuates faster loading since the dispersion of bandwidth across servers trims download on any single server.

5. Filter amongst the installed plugins- Plugins are to be used judiciously since they are developed for different uses and by developers of varying skill sets. Remove any plugins that are unnecessary and you will find a visible difference in the loading speed of the website.

There are a host of advantages to a faster loading webpage which can easily be effectuated suing one or a combination of the above measures. For best results, find out the problem areas and strategically improve upon them in sequence.