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Websites Systems Overview

Both websites and systems can exert their power over a particular requirement of the user. The presentation intends to kindle the ability of the viewer to make an informed choice when searching for options for their requirements:


  • Websites are a set of web pages linked together under a single domain.
  • The website has an URL (uniform resource locator) through which it can be accessed on the internet and are written in HTML (hypertext markup language).
  • Websites may either be individual, organizational, government or belonging to a business house and they can be accessed by computer based and internet accessible devices like desktop, laptop or tablet or mobile phones.
  • Types of websites:

    Static and dynamic websites

  • Static websites, like writing brochures provide standard information that is display for an extended period of time with updates done manually.
  • Information about a company or an organization, along with their products and services are presented with the help of text, photos, or videos.
  • Dynamic websites allow changes and customization frequently and automatically.
  • One method of creating dynamic website is by generating a large set of static pages.
  • Static website does not allow interaction with the user, whereas it is possible on the dynamic website which has interactive facilities.
  • With the support of Search engine optimization, websites can improve traffic and can become very popular.
  • Basic templates and single owner are the characteristics of websites.
  • Systems

    A System is defined as combination of functional components combined to achieve an objective. The system comprises of hardware and the software which communicated with each other.

  • The five components of a compute based information system is the hardware, the software, data, procedures and people.
  • Helps to support operations, management and decision making.
  • Different types of Information systems like transaction processing systems, decision support system, knowledge management systems, database management system, executive system and so on.
  • A program refers to a set of instruction aimed at a particular result, but a software system includes many other components like specification, test result, end user documentation and maintenance records and implementation of the system.
  • There are single user and multi user operating systems. The single user system is operated by one person, but able to perform multi tasks at the same time. The multi user system allows many people to log in and work at the same time (eg. The internet) which are basically time sharing systems.
  • Several set of computer programs and their associated configuration files, documentation, etc operate together in a software system.
  • Software systems are mainly application based for e.g telecommunication system, database management system and so on.
  • Each of these websites and systems has their strong presence in some areas and it is left to the user to identify and decide what he needs.

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