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What is the Backbone of a Successful Business?

Windows server management important considered being the Core of the IT structure. In fact, there are various dedicated companies that provide exclusive services on Windows server management and administration. It is because managing the Windows server is a lot more that just restarting and reinstalling the windows software and services. The road to a permanent fix for these servers is not an easy task. There are many more things that are actually involved here.

A team of skilled professionals are entrusted to do Windows server management round the clock so as to provide efficient service. The huge array of services includes:

  • Providing operating system support
  • Monitoring of Windows server 24/7
  • Looking after guaranteed 6 hour response time
  • Guaranteeing 24 hour time for resolution
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server Migration
  • Installation of third party software
  • Unlimited server administration
  • Setting up new servers
  • Unlimited administration tickets
  • Valued consultation
  • Safety and security auditing
  • Offering permanent solutions
  • Effective ways for Windows server management:

Knowledge is the key to be successful in Windows server management. Certification in this field will prove that knowledge. However, knowledge can also come from on-the-job experience. Being in close association with server crew can help gather a lot of knowledge as Windows server management is about applying a whole lot of things at the right time and the right place. Self-study can also help someone build a career and later shine in server management.

Scope of Windows server management

The scope of Windows server management is huge. Listed below are few of those vital aspects.

  • Overcoming gaps with solution in native tools
  • Streamlining the security policy applications
  • Leverage of reports and alerts
  • Restoring from backups, OUs, attributes, users, security and more
  • Managing, reporting, comparing and analyzing changes in group policy
  • Migrating data while keeping file security intact
  • Controlling the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ of the data that is migrated
  • Automating the manual, tedious, and complex tasks
  • Reporting of skipped files and job status
  • Targeting user configuration in a very easy way
  • Customizing user configuration and that too without logon scripts
  • Balancing security with user productivity
  • Maintaining a secure network without disturbing the mobile users at work
  • Managing permissions across the servers
  • Backing up and restoring security and permission while keeping data integrity intact
  • Attending issues like post-migration security

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